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To Our Fellow Exodiano With His 41,993 Colleagues

Posted by exodians on March 5, 2008

(Originally posted on January 02, 2008 )


We would like to congratulate our fellow Exodian, Mr. Ronaldo Parrenas, and all the 41,993 newly elected Barangay leaders in the Philippine Islands.

Ronaldo Parrenas, an exodian, won the October 29, 2007 Barangay Election Chairmanship in one of the barangays in the Municipality of Matalam, North Cotabato, Philippines.

He was elected by the people in his Barangay and now will serve his term as the leader “for the people”.

What does it mean to serve the interest of the people? It is up to him and he is not alone in facing this challenge.

According to Malaya Online News at http://www.malaya.com.ph/oct29/news5.htm , there are :

“41,994 barangays nationwide..” –updated 3.15.2008

As Ben used to say overusing the word, “meaning”…meaning, there are 41,994 Barangay elected Chairpersons in the Philippine Islands today as of December 2007.

What this blogger writes in her blog might also be true to the 50,776,903 registered voters (source:Malaya Online News) on how the people in the barrios perceive their Barangay leaders,

…they are the only politikers, whom we can contact directly, we know them well and see them almost daily as well as they know us well too, they live in the same barrio where we live.

seal_small.jpgBishop Lagdameo in his blog entitled “We are all members of Barangays” has a reminder that says,

It is good to be reminded that according to the Omnibus Election Code (Art. VI, Sec. 38) barangay elections shall be non-partisan, i.e. no political party, organization or group shall intervene in the nomination and election of any candidate.

Is this possible in Philippine politics?

Looking back to the Barangay Election process:

According to the manilamaildc.net a Washington DC, online news agency, the 2007 Barangay election was..as the title suggests, “Peaceful Polls only 29 Killed” …translated as “kamingawng pistaha alas 10:00 na lamang wa pay buno.”

Ali B. Panda, Ph.D. at the RANAW website expressed his concern as he writes in the website saying,

Elections have been ridden with violence and massive frauds. Some politicians used to bargain, persuade, coerce, bribe, buy and manipulate votes. This led to conflicts, disputes, and killings in their respective areas….

You can read the whole article at the http://www.ranaw.com entry entitled: “Some Politicians in the Philippines Buy their Way to Power” .

Looking further back years before the Barangay election:

Mammoth electoral fraud in Philippines elections: Padding and shaving

as what London online news had reported at http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/london/2007/06/374250.html

How true?

Everybody in the Philippine seems to know something but nobody in their right mind dares to act for it. If this assumption is false please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.

Reason behind such an assumption

The example of the 18 Filipino people, the most influential people who are morally righteous, ethically up tights, the leaders and the shepherd of its millions of believers, whose credentials go as far as Doctors in Divinity, shied away from making any action to condemn those Sacraments who made the travesty upon the sanctity of the ballot boxes.

What did they do now?come_and_go_website.jpg

You decide after reading this article from Newsbreak an online publication entitled: “Conservatives Now Control CBCP; Bishops Won’t Join Resign-GMA Calls by Aries Rufo”

Whatever your conclusion, all we can say is…Has anybody heard about the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation?Sacraments

These big fellas as you may all know (to which some other denominations strongly objected) have the power to say, “By the power vested upon us!…Hey girl!, your sins are forgiven!”



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