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Exodian’s voice from Uganda: The 2008 Kenyan crisis

Posted by exodians on March 6, 2008

(Originally Posted on January 14, 2008)

Anchorman: Just as we hit the month of January 2008, Kenya is already in the headlines. After hearing the crisis as a result of a disputed election in Kenya where the winning candidate was accused of rigging the election (Ah, the sanctity of the ballot had been compromised),we communicated to our fellow exodian in Uganda.


Concern: Please check if what we heard was true that hundreds of Kenyans were burned inside the church where they seek refuge.

Let’s hear Butch from his side of the world.

Butch from Uganda Replied:
Yap, I am just near the border with Kenya, about 4 hours by car… and of course we are severely affected by the crisis now in Kenya.

The price of diesel dramatically went up to 6000 Ugandan Shillings per liter, from 2000 Ugandan Shillings last week. See the reference below the value of 6000 Uganda Shilling in Philippine peso, US Dollar, and Euro. Read the rest of this entry »


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