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Selling wordpress.com to the world

Posted by exodians on March 23, 2008

wp_apps.pngWordPress as we all know is “just” a program- an application program for the web. A tweeny tiny program about 1.01 megabytes in zipped file. No programming background is needed to use WordPress.

The “Good News” is …WordPress is free.

“They”-the WordPress developers did all the work and “we”- the community will now use what they have developed.


In a nutshell, for WordPress to work, you can either download WordPress, upload it and install it in a computer running various operating systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OSX and e.t.c.) with Apache and or IIS or any type of webserver apps running side by side with MySQL and PHP.

Or… if you have no idea what we are talking about, just click here and start using WordPress. If you do so, you can disregard words such as PHP, MySQL and Webserver and just start blogging or playing around with the WordPress Control Panel. wp_control.png

WordPress review from the source.


Here’s a sampling of features that might make you want to use WordPress.com. (Besides it being run by some swell folks!) We’re not fancy-pants marketers, just a group of geeks who are passionate about enabling people to publish on the web. You can explore our features below, browse our list of well known WordPress bloggers, or find out which features some of our users like best. Read the rest of this entry.


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