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The ZTE-NBN story: Ang Bisaya nga bersyon

Posted by exodians on March 27, 2008

The article entitled “BISAG UNSA: Padanglog”, or “WHATEVER: Lubricant” -plain and simple translations: bribery, kickbacks, corruption, deceit and thievery in the Philippines- authored by Mac, a Palanca awardee and National Book awardee, signifies ingenuity and creativity of pinoy.

If you were living in the cave for a year, and just read the story (“BISAG UNSA: Padanglog) it really sounds fictional but if you were following the Philippine headline news or read at least one Filipino newspaper in the month of March 2008, you will know where the author based his story. This is of course from the scandal involving the Executive branch of the Philippine government, and Mac was there, to write a wonderful piece, in “Binisaya”.

Another episode of the Philippine History is unfolding, puno sa drama! makauulaw! mapasayloon! pabaga og nawong! “ig-ampo mo sila…”

Read the excerpts below:

Note: For Bisayan (bisdak) reader only, English readers need translator.

Berto: “Wow, Pre, nagkasadya ning drama mahitungod sa padanglog sa NBN, sa? Nagkabistohan na! Naa nay nataktak!”
Kardo: “Padanglog? NBN? Unsa man na, Pre?”

Berto: “Haing planeta man ka gikan, Pre?! Mao nay unod sa tanang balita ron, unya wala ka masayod?”
Kardo: “Gikan kos bukid, Pre. Nagtanom og kamote.”

Berto: “Si COMELEC Chairman Abalos, Pre, nagresign na. Giakusahan siyang nanuhol og milyon-milyong dolyares, take note, DOLYARES aron molusot ang NBN deal tali sa usa ka kompanya sa China ug Pilipinas.”

Kardo: “Taym sa, Pre. Hinay-hinay. Unsa nang NBN ug nganong nahilambigit man si Abalos?


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