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Bishop Villena says, “Gloria Arroyo a beacon of stability”: Post-Easter Joke by Perry

Posted by exodians on March 29, 2008

“Who is Bishop Villena?”

Irrefutable source: Visit Catholic Bishops´ Conference of the Philippines Online and read Most Rev. Ramon B. Villena, D.D’s profile, Or you can also click the screen shot below: copied and pasted image from the CBCP online website as of March 28, 2008.


For more information, you can type, “bishop villena +cbcp” (without the quotation) to your favorite search engine. If you happened to use Google by typing http://www.google.com, you will get the Google results of about 792 for bishop villena +cbcp or similar.

Note: The letter is published with permission from the author – Mr. Perry a Fil-Am Yahoo Group member.

Mr. Perry’s forwarded email: Take a peek!

Dear Folks,

Now, this is what I would call post-Easter joke: A bishop calling Gloria Arroyo a ‘beacon of stability.’ Bishop Villena is not only a man of God, but he has the ability to change the meaning of words in the dictionary.

Consider the following:

1. Several attempted military revolts.
2. Three impeachment petitions in Congress.
3. Political and extrajudicial killings.
4. Second highest number of journalists killed, second only to Iraq.
5. Election cheating — remember “Hello Garci”?
6. Corruption, corruption, corruption.
7. Most corrupt economy in Asia for the past two years.
8. Gloria Arroyo tagged as most corrupt president in Philippine history.
9. One of two Filipinos is poor.
10. Four out of 10 poor Filipinos are hungry.
11. Unemployment rate is 7.4%.and rising.
12. One million Filipinos leave for overseas jobs every year.
13. One of the poorest countries in the world.
14. Rice shortage.
15. Rising cost of rice.
16. Skyrocketing gas prices.
16. Businesses closing down.

If these are signs of ‘stability,’ I wonder what would it be like if the country was ‘unstable’? God forbid.

Bishop Villena also called Arroyo “religious” and said that, that was her weapon for overcoming problems in her administration.

I remember last Maundy Thursday, while speaking and doling out goodies to a crowd in Abarrion in La Union, Arroyo invoked the Virgin Mary to perform a “miracle” to feed the poor.

Now, let’s see if this ‘beacon of stability’ has the power to perform miracles — “abracadabra… abracadabra… let there be rice.”

A member of Fil-Am Yahoo Group

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