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April Fools day

Posted by exodians on April 1, 2008

Philippine Presidential Management Staff Director General Cerge Remonde’s interview on March 28, 2008(published at gov.ph website) was the day to remember. The day when the numbers came out to make points. Not a good news for some but that’s how it works.


The numbers are not just numbers because within the numbers there are people behind them. If you add them all together, there you have a crowd needed for the people power.

The Confirmation:
100 -plus bishops [censored] five bishops- farmed from the Honorable Director General’s comment on the media reports sensationalizing division within the CBCP. This is what he said, “There are only five bishops who (are against the Arroyo administration) 100-plus (members of the CBCP) against 5 is not a division“. Precisely not a division but a strong evidence that GMA government has the support of more than a hundred members of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

The Meeting between her Most Presidency and the Most Excellencies was hailed by the Most Honorable as, “…this consensus clearly showed that the majority of clergymen supported the President.”

The Speech followed:
“We are freeing ourselves of the shackles of corruption, as evidenced by our growing economy – which is increasingly free of corruption and inefficiency,” the President said, adding that the country is breaking off from the seeming stranglehold of corruption.” Read the complete article

Best April fools ever!

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