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[Fil-AmNetwork] Joke of the Day: Gloria to spend P43.7 billion to boost rice crops by Perry Diaz

Posted by exodians on April 20, 2008

Dear Folks,

This is getting to be hilarious!!! So now, Gloria is going to spend a whopping $1 billion (43.7 billion pesos) to be used for fertilizers, rehabilitation of irrigation systems and post harvest facilities, high-yielding rice varieties and training.

Didn’t Gloria authorize the release of P3 billion for fertilizers in 2004? But a joker named Joc-joc (a pal of FG Mike Arroyo) did some hocus-pocus and the money disappeared. This became known as the “fertilizer scam”. The money was allegedly directed to Gloria’s 2004 presidential campaign.

Recently, it was revealed that another P3.1 billion were missing from the irrigation funds. The money was supposed to be used for the rehabilitation of irrigation systems and post harvest facilities. As a result, rice production went down due to poor irrigation.

And now she wanted to experiment — again — on hybrid rice production. She did that in 2002 and the program failed. Didn’t she learn from her mistakes? Poor Pinoy farmers. They’re being used as guinea pigs. Ooops, that reminds me of another recent scam — the missing P5-billion from the swine funds. Some characters known as “swine-dlers” were believed to have absconded with the money. Poor pigs. Now, they they have eat s*it.

Before Gloria starts disbursing the P43.7-billion fund, shouldn’t she explain to the farmers how P6.1 billion in fertilizer and irrigation funds vanished under her nose? That’s a lot of moolah! Why doesn’t she account for the missing P6.1 billion before releasing the P43.7 billion? And what’s to prevent a couple of jokers to get their hands into the cookie jar?

This article is also posted at www.PerryScope. org — “The globe in perryscope!”



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