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The 2008 first US presidential debate

Posted by exodians on September 27, 2008

The US presidential debate was over before the clock hits 11:00 PM EST. We documented this historic event unfolding  collectively and in real time. Thanks to the Almighty Technology – The one’s and the zero’s.

2008 Presidential Debate

John McCain (Republican Party) vs Barack Obama (Democratic Party)

Venue: The University of Mississippi:
Website: http://www.olemiss.edu/debate

Moderator: Jim Lehrer of Public BS
Website: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/aboutus/bio_lehrer.html

Debates on: Economy and Foreign Policies including the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Message relayed: Just the same, everything is in line to the Preamble of the US Constitution.

Question on who will best lead the “WE THE PEOPLE” who IN GOD WE TRUST ?

McCain’s emphasis on his experience which he made clear that he is old enough to know all about war, foreign policies and the US Economy is the qualified leader.  Like a great card player, McCain uses Green horn and On the Job Training cards to undermine the slogan, “Change We Can Believe In” of his young charismatic opponent.

To read a more sensible reporting of the debate please go to http://www.nwprogressive.org/weblog/2008/09/first-2008-presidential-debate-kicks.html


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