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The 2008 US Presidential Final Debate

Posted by exodians on October 16, 2008

So who won the final debate between Obama and McCain? This is the question in everyone’s mind when the showdown was over at Hofstra University in Long Island City, New York.

Hofstra University by the way spent three million dollars for that historic event.

During the brawl, few punches were thrown at each other under the watchful eyes of the referee. However it was not as bloody as the  Ultimate Fighting Championship 83 or 87 but rather it was more of a Wrestling Smackdown; so predictable and masterfully choreographed.

Both candidates looked so cool and poised in delivering their responses to every question about the economy, abortion, health care and all the other important issues that wowed the American voters.

The winner of the debate was actually Joe “the Plumber”. He was promised once again with tax cuts, job creation, affordable health care, affordable housing,  education, and lots more! – in short, the promise of the AMERICAN DREAM! Another price tag: Billions of dollars for Joe “the Plumber.”

The question is…where will we get another billions for Joe “the Plumber” after American Insurance Group $83 billions dollar tag bailout, a monthly $10 billion dollars Bush war in Iraq, the latest $700 billion financial system bailout and all the other  billions of expenditures both known and unknown?

Figure it out!


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