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Subject: Re: [Fil-AmNetwork] Re: [Progressive Times] Corruption must stop – Terry

Posted by exodians on November 18, 2008

In a message dated 11/6/2008 3:37:45 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  <email deleted> writes:

Sir Dioni:
I suppose that is the largest part of why I prefer to live in America.  As part of that ”  group ” of people who can be accused of what you have just enumerated, it is an environment I would not like to live in, as a Democrat who believes in the Rule of Law, and Equal application of the Law, as well as Equal Opportunities for all.  that is why once in a while, I admit to being a ” Republican” whenever I am in the Philippines, or if I were living in such a milieu.

I once made the mistake of showing some pictures of  myself back in the homeland to some professor from up here, who loves to claim he is ” pro-people”,  identifying with the Left; and I did not like his comments that I lived in a certain ” culture” back in the Philippines.  As if there were different cultures in the homeland.


–message ends–

The response came on November 7, 2008.

From: (email deleted)
To: ProgressiveTimes@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, November 7, 2008 12:20:03 PM
Subject: [Progressive Times] Re: [NaFFAA_forum] Re: [Fil-Soldier]

That’s what’s most frustrating and dehumanizing about the situation of our countrymen, Sir Jay, most especially those still there. The extent of corruption and misery and abuse of power has gone beyond pale and yet the people most affected can only gnash their teeth in despair knowing that anyone of them could be extra judicially dispensable. . Except for the Panlilios and a few others, there is no one they could turn to. Even we, who are already here, ensconced in the comfort and safety of this great nation, most are still wary because sooner or later we have to visit the homeland. And so the great sons and daughters of the Daguhoys and Lapulapus — are we rendering real concern and assistance to our kindred?

dioni g.

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Interestingly, another message dated 11/7/2008 11:06:26 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, (email deleted) writes:

I’m a proud descendant of Daguhoy. We are fiercely independent, we go about doing things the best way possible at the shortest time.

We sacrifice for the many, we call this “tinabangay” . We are clannish willing to accept failures but never run away from fight.

When we declare Panglao as tourist destination, all the towns were contributing its share to make the visit to Bohol a pleasurable one for all.

So every town in Bohol is geared towards exhibiting the best face forward on matters of tourism, enhancing the pristine freshness and wholesomeness of its bio-diversity.

The argi-tourism motif of the province has been noted and visitors from the world over kept coming. When all the rest of country experience hunger, Bohol exported some rice and corn to Cebu and other places that needed them; pork, beef and chicken too.

The richness of our UBI, GABI and CAMOTE are just variety of food Boholano farmers produced. Besides farm products and fruits in majestic splendor, we have seafood product the variety of it is too long to list, from the sea teeming with all kinds of fish….

Now Bohol is sharing with Cebu producing oil in the ensuing years. President Gloria M Arroyo is called many names, but she help Bohol, she made Bohol a tourist spot for world politicians that visited our country.

The 5 billion pesos schedule to be released next year is the product of the collective efforts by the three Congressmen from Bohol, working in tandem.

Tinabangay, that’s it.

Paul Dalde
Care Taker OFW Solidarity Movement
Steering Committee
http://www.freewebs. com/ofwsolidarit y

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Another response came from Dcgrava

From: dcgrava (email deleted)
To: ProgressiveTimes@ yahoogroups. com; NaFFAA_forum@ yahoogroups. com
Sent: Friday, November 7, 2008 2:05:24 PM
Subject: Re: [Progressive Times] Re: [NaFFAA_forum] Re: [Fil-Soldier] ‘Joc-joc lang’

Admittedly Bohol and the Boholanos are among our more lucky brothers and sisters. Gifted with historic and beautiful sceneries and rich resources, it has been the envy of many people and a prime tourist destination long, long before GMA settled in Malacanang. Boholanos are known for their industry, friendliness, respect for elders, and religiosity. I don’t know about now but sometime in the past I had this experience riding a pedicab, which, as soon as the church bells tolled the angelus, the tricycle — as well as most of the others on the street — stopped while the driver practiced his faith.

–message ends–

In a message dated 11/7/2008 2:10:19 P.M.. Pacific Standard Time, paul(email deleted) writes:

Corruption in the housing industry is what brought down the pillars of US economy, when oversight is bought and silenced, and ultimately money exchange hands within political powers disguised as political contribution. This is true in our adoptive country and very much true in our old country too.

Corruption does not make us any good, that is why corruption must stop. We denounced corruption in the Philippines, every messenger of news; printed media, radio and TV have carried live charges but there are no shortage of Presidential apologist.

Judging from the sheer numbers, we can tell that the President is paying more people than those not directly benefited. We accepted good fortune for our region, and our province but we do not condone corruption, it must stop. Any ideas how?

Paul Dalde
are Taker OFW Solidarity Movement
Steering Committee
http://www.freewebs. com/ofwsolidarit y

To be continued…


One Response to “Subject: Re: [Fil-AmNetwork] Re: [Progressive Times] Corruption must stop – Terry”

  1. fthr_n1234 said

    I found this a very interesting point:

    ” Corruption does not make us any good, that is why corruption must stop. We denounced corruption in the Philippines, every messenger of news; printed media, radio and TV have carried live charges but there are no shortage of Presidential apologist.”

    …”no shortage of Presidential apologist.”

    It works!

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