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Mindanao: The U.S Million Dollars Promise Land!

Posted by exodians on November 30, 2008

U.S. taxpayers hard earned dollars

2008 budget: $91 Million U.S. Dollars (U.S. taxpayers money)

Visit: http://philippines.usaid.gov/budget.php

Budget in 2007 was $69.110 Million


Check out the Mindanao Photo Gallery at:



You can read the

landofpromise.com: presenting Mindanao to the world in pictures

By Bobby Timonera




Anhi namo dinhi sa Mindanao…

Magpugas og Kalinaw!

Google search results on Joey Ayala

Google search results on Joey Ayala

“Bay Joey, mianhi giod tuod, dala ila dolyares og espesyal forces!”

Question 1: Is the U.S. Military presence in Mindanao part of the USAID budget package deal or separate?

Question 2: Waaz up with the budget increase from $67.110 Million in 2007 to $91Million in 2008?

What about the 2009 budget?

Let us watch and see!


Image Source: Google search result on: us forces in mindanao

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