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The Vatican v.s. Abuse Victims, not really

Posted by exodians on December 22, 2008

“Abuse Victims Seek Court Date With Vatican” is today’s npr.org headline news.

You can read the entire story at:



npr.org has also provided a link to the 1962 Confidential Vatican Document:

Instruction on the Manner of Proceeding in Cases of Solicitation.

The crime of solicitation:

The crime of solicitation takes place when a priest tempts a penitent,

whoever that person is either in the act of confession, whether before or afterwards…

Read the document at:


This 1962 Vatican document should not be confidential. It should be part of the curriculum and guidelines should be posted in every bulletin boards in minor and major seminaries, convents, Catholic Education Facilities, Retreat houses and Parishes so that the congregation could say no when priest want the confessor to sit in his lap; not to mention the hug and maybe a kiss?  At the same time, priests with malicous intent would think twice and check his own action. Forget about sin, it can be forgiven. Easy excuse to commit another sin

“kay akong sala, akong dakong sala”

Patawarin mo re nan!

But when you think of solicitation as CRIME!

And think about going to prison if proven guilty
And think of the millions of dollars in liability you brought to your diocese, then
You will say, Lord have mercy!


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