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Dear Exodians,

Posted by exodians on December 29, 2008

A Filipino farmer leader killed!


Ka Vic , was shot dead Saturday late afternoon, by an unidentified man ,during a fiesta celebration in his hometown in Malabog , Davao City. Three bullets were pumped into his head. The gunman , said to be in his youth, fearlessly approached him and fired at him at point blank range, in front of several witness, in broad daylight. The murderer walked away from the scene of the crime with only a towel (Good Morning) hiding his face, later boarding a red motorcycle with the driver wearing a ski mask. It was also learned that another motorcycle (a backup) with two persons on board followed the gunman’s getaway vehicle.

Read the press statement at: http://asianfarmers.org/?p=578

Ka Vic Paglinawan

Image source: asianfarmers.org

What is going on?

“Ang lupang ito’y sa atin…kay Pedro, Maria, kay Juan at Jose”

Is this the Philippine dark memories of the 1980’s?

Have we not learned from the experience?

It is happening again!

Who the hell is the architect of this come back?

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