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Brotherutoy, it is your turn

Posted by exodians on January 9, 2009

Ang Baptismo

by Bishop C. Pope

In the name of uraki,

and all of the urakis in the world,

in the spirit of social networking

linked with links and trackbacks,

you are now baptized sa panghuna hunang inuraki!

Uraki time!

Welcome Brother Utoy!

brother utoy's cool blog


4 Responses to “Brotherutoy, it is your turn”

  1. wow, salamat! ang totoo niyan eh di ko alam kung ano ang uraki. medyo natakot pa nga ako kasi baka may bayaring monthly dues at membership fees ang pagiging uraki. di pa rin ako nakakarating sa Sultan Kudarat pero tumambay na rin ako ng isang taon sa Davao at sa Cagayan de Ow-row.
    Gayunpaman, salamat sa binyag. I feel so filled with the (alcoholic) spirit! wala bang pakimkim ang mga ninong ko diyan?ü
    salamat po ulit! Add ko kayo sa blogroll ko as “Exodians: Netizens of the Word” God bless!

  2. Walang anuman/Way Sapayan/You are welcome! Uraki? A word that can be translated as bisag unsa/whatever. A word that can be used as proper noun, pronoun, noun, possessive,verb, adverb, adjective – you name it, you have it…but again uraki is a word that should only be used in a positive way -> morality -> ethics -> philosophy -> religion -> justice -> freedom ->human interaction -> social networking -> based on understanding, respect or at least tolerance of individual/group/race/culture/beliefs/ – -> So, to end this inuraki nga hisgutanan, the word uraki in your case should be “cool dude!” “Cool Padre!” og ang uraking panghunahuna? How many seconds did you spend on your blogroll’s title? “Exodians: Netizens of the Word” according to the random thoughts of brotherutoy. Sa madaling salita, kung may lita man. Salamat.

    Salamat dili apelyedo ni Hasim (deceased) nga maoy dating lider sa MILF – not maoy as in hubog or lashing (Please pronounce maoy like hubog or HARAM!) But if you pronounce maa—oy the meaning of the word will change.

    Salamat/Thanks for passing by! Pila pa katuig bag-o ang imong ordinasyon bay?

    To live in the midst of the world
    Without desiring its pleasure
    To be a member of its family

    Andama ang imong kaugalingon sa Chorus…

    My God what a life!
    What a life without a wife!
    O priest of Jesus Christ
    O priest of Jesus Christ

    Don’t be distracted with the second line. It is not about wife or having family; it is about a plea, a strong caution that by “Not desiring its pleasure! money millions, hundred of millions would not surely be paid as payoffs. Yah, vocation – vocare – call – whatever – at the end of the day, it is just a job – a job that required high moral authority.


    If you will not feel that vulnerability in the Philippines; If you remain to have the set of mind that you can get away with anything…I dare you to come to America’s Roman Catholic Parish and practice that same set of mind, then you will see what it is to be disowned by your bishop. –stripped from your job —you are fired! Let us know if it is not after all a 10 years training of a high moral type of job.

    Bishop C. Pope

  3. Toto Divino said

    There is a missing line in the first stanza of the song “Priest”. It is “yet belonging to none.”

  4. Val "vonz" Villarta said

    oh wow, nice si brother utoy ah, lagaw ka daw di sa isulan be, damu origal dre kabs.

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