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Posted by exodians on January 19, 2009

The Power of Non-Violence

Inauguration for the ages

The Nation

The Nation

Article: The Power of Non-Violence

Last spring The Nation Institute sponsored a forum at the Society for Ethical Culture in New York City on “Gandhi, King and the Power of Nonviolence: Alternatives to Force in the 21st Century.” The participants were Jonathan Schell, The Nation‘s Peace and Disarmament correspondent, author of The Fate of the Earth and most recently, The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger; and Taylor Branch, author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning three-volume history of the Martin Luther King era. The moderator was the writer Suzannah Lessard. What follows is an edited transcript of the discussion. Read more >>


One Response to “The Nation”

  1. we had our own version of nonviolence with the first EDSA revolution. sayang nga lang, we lack the sense of history to really sustain its spirit. ngayon tuloy, People Power has just become yet another symbol of a dream that failed…

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