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Posted by exodians on February 15, 2009

Please heed the call for help!

"For America to truly mature we must also acknowledge its dark underside. Otherwise, all we have done is put a slave in charge of the Plantation!" (Mark Lamont Hill metro new york 1.21.2009)

“We have duties to our nation and to the world” – Pres. Barack Obama

The Call for action!

Please everyone call President Obama, your Congress Persons and Senators today to halt the invasion of  the French military in Guadeloupe. These are our Brothers and Sisters struggling for a decent living for their families. Bold organizers and workers have massed more than 100,000 supporters on this small colony of France in their righteous effort to a fair wage and decent benefits. They need our urgent assistance now!  We must demand that France not interfere in the self determination rights of the workers and people of Guadeloupe.guadeloupe-and-amrtinique

In New York and Washington, we need to fast footed in large numbers to the French embassy and headquarters to make strong our opposition to French imperial aggression against the freedom loving people of Guadeloupe.

Let the message in 2009 be clear that we will not have further aggression against freedom loving people and Union workers in the western hemisphere.

I met most of these organizers at the Conference to support the removal of illegal and unwanted UN MINUSTAH troops from Haiti in December of 2008. These Brothers are professionals committed to the uplift and development of the workers. Please do not let France destroy these men and this righteous right of workers to organize.

In lasting Solidarity and Friendship With the Workers of Guadeloupe,

Colia L. Clark
President Power to the People Green Party
Producer, Manhattan Neighborhood Network


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