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Reflection on the question of Quo Vadis?

Posted by Toto Divino on February 25, 2009

Reflection on the question of Quo Vadis?
By Toto Divino

The making of history: Tip of the iceberg

The Saga of the Exodians!

I think the question is not anymore “Exodiano, asa ka padulong?”. The Exodianos had never addressed that question collectively immediately after they left university life. Some embraced normal lives and built lives as entrepreneur and corporate professionals. A number has entered public service as bureaucrat and peace keepers.  A few pursued their vocations elsewhere and ultimately became priests.

The large majority continued to serve the people through joining non-government organizations.  From this last block were those radicals that went beyond the legal way of pursuing change and fomenting revolution.  And these radicals even eventually found themselves in the opposite sides of the political fence.  In spite of this, the Exodianos remained civil and warm to and with each other.

From time to time a few would accidentally meet, talk and recollect common experiences.  But the truth that can not be ignored is that the Exodianos had not planned and charted their lives collectively shortly before and after finishing college.  But while they molded themselves individually and independently from each other, they continued and still continue to put importance to their common identity:  the Exodiano.

Perhaps the question now is whether or not the Exodianos will want to and can journey together again.  Falling into a category of mere alumni that meet each other from time to time for a reunion will be a very sad conclusion for these young idealists who originally journeyed together and advanced a noble struggle.


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