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Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain!

Posted by exodians on February 28, 2009

Lord have mercy!

“Men are created through the image and likeness of God.”

What if, “God is created through the image and likeness of MAN? WOMAN?”.

Christ have mercy!

“Our Lord Jesus Christ lost in the survey and he was crucified and that’s how we’re going to judge President?”
– Cebu, Rep  Pablo Garcia (Kampi)

Holy cr**); Was he serious?

We need help here.

The God of Mercy! The God of History! gave us…

Reflection: Height of Indecency, Foolishness – – BY FR. JERRY SABADO, O.Carm

Fr. Jerry Sabado, O.Carm
Convenor, Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation
Order of Carmelites
Originally Posted at Bulatlat.com: Height of Indecency, Foolishness
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Height of Indecency, Foolishness by Fr. Jerry Sabado, O.Carm
The process to seek the truth is arduous. The hearing at the House of Representatives (HOR) Committee on Justice is frustrating. The numbers power prevailed over the strength of truth and morality.

Congressman Pablo Garcia of Kampi likened Gloria to Jesus. But, only to distort the gospel truth in his effort to dampen the pieces of evidence presented at the impeachment hearing against his patron- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. We, of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation- Order of Carmelites expressed disgust at the sacrilege.

To compare Jesus to Gloria is the height of indecency and foolishness.

Congressman Garcia must review the life of Jesus Christ in order to see his own blunder.
Jesus popularity grew daily (Jn 7:31). He was becoming more and more outspoken and daring (Lk 11:45-52) When he called them hypocrites or blind leaders, he stood his ground. “You know , he told the people, that among the nations, rulers lord it over the people and use tyrannical power, and still consider themselves to be benefactors ( Mt. 20:25, Lk 22: 25).

What we know is that, Jesus proclaimed the truth. However, Gloria never tells the truth. She is using the executive privilege to hide the truth, she used the lapse in judgment as an alibi when it was discovered they have connivance with Garci [Former Commission on Elections officer Virgilio Garcillano]. She praised [Jovito] Palparan, the butcher of activist as a hero.

Jesus’ sphere of influence was among the simple and poor people (Jn 7:49). This was why, he spoke so often of the poor and poverty, saying that his kingdom was for them (Mt 5:3). He discredited the authority of King Herod, to the extent of calling him a “fox”. On the other hand, Arroyo’s influence is among the rich. Instead of helping the poor, she chose to burden the poor with the EVAT [expanded value added tax], eroding further their purchasing power. The people who satisfied her whims and caprices are all satisfied while denying the poor with basic services.
Jesus was persecuted because of his compassion for the poor, deprived and exploited while Arroyo persecuted political activists and human rights defenders including church people.

Jesus is dead. But he was raised from the dead, thereby confirming the prophetic witness that he had given of the Reign of God. The impeachment is dead. This kind of death signifies doom. Doom for the truth. After Jesus died, the Jews and those against him went back to their homes satisfied and at peace. When Arroyo’s allies killed the impeachment, the corrupt president is satisfied: Job well done!


One Response to “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain!”

  1. exodians said

    Dear People of God, without God – atheists, agnostics,friends, foes, sorrows and pains, rage and outrage, peace, love and compassion.

    Sorry to inform you that your comment here should be at least churchy/Godly/with Social Justice fervor/and most of all understanding of the elite/middleClass/BakyaCrowd/Progressive Filipino culture/manipulated once . . . and it is happening again and if the plans of the Woman’s operatives should continue…She will reign as mandated by HEAVENLY VOICES!

    She knows how to share and knows that the recipients have promised that — “We” the recipients will use the ‘DIRTY’ money to fertilize God’s Eden.

    The excuse is “HEY, WE ARE ALL HAPPY HERE!”


    P 500,000.00 sa walay pabor pabor…wow! the almighty MONEY PREVAILED? AMEN TO THAT BROTHERS!

    If anybody paid attention about the Impeachment proceedings v.s the Pres. of the… What impeachment? NO EVIDENCE AT ALL. Could not be proven beyond the reasonable doubt. You cannot even say a name…LAWSUITS in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Legal pay.

    We avoid bigotry here or degrading women. Remember, we are/shall always respected/adored/loved/fascinated/ with the lives of the – – Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalene/St. Theresa/Tres Marias/Maria Clara/Lucia/Sta. Ines/St. Joan of the Arc/Sta. Isabel/Manilyn/Barbara/Oprah/Charice/Beyonce/Michelle/Maya/Parker/Cory/Imelda/Gloria/

    The “Woman” referred is – – can only be understood if you read Philippine History starting…

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