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The homily that makes the difference

Posted by exodians on March 3, 2009

Aral Katoliko: Ang masang katoliko

Katoliko sa WordPress: Pag-aaral ng masang katoliko

“Chastity can be done on Earth as it is, in the Internet” – Regent, AB Celibacy

Disclaimer: The featured story in this blog never happened in real life. It is impossible to happen so consider it fiction/made up/creation of our own imagination, because we as Culture mastered it. We could block our brains not to see what is going on.

“kay mas tam-is ang mangandoy sa mga dili tinoud, ang saksi sa kamatooran, mabayaran na man, og mag-antos lang nga pasipad-an ang gugma og kaangayan.”

Not long ago, a young lady in relationship with a seminarian came to us: “The Exodians: Netizens of the Word” baptized by BrotherutoysavesWordPress: The Basilica of the Digital Age. The young lady was seeking for advise on what to do with her seminarian boyfriend. Her “love” with the seminarian was in question, after she heard the homily, where the bishop pleaded and begging to the community with the special mention of women described as, the young, the sexy, the hotties, the ruthless, the supermodels, the adventurous and the free minded digital women — to NOT entertain his seminarians. In other words, “do not tempt his seminarians, please.”

New York Post Headline: Laid-off NYers flock to clergy

New York Post Headline: Laid-off NYers flock to clergy

Culture: In American culture (the goody-goody culture), our bishop’s homily  was considered insensitive and being unmindful to the feelings, of our women – The Organized Women: Women’s Civil Rights Movement.

Rant: Even if you were the DOCTORS OF ALL THE DOCTORS IN DIVINITIES and powerfully kicked some PRIESTS AND SEMINARIANS BEHINDS, you have no authority to use the pulpit to lash women and blame everything to them with the sins of your seminarians.

Inuraking tambag para kay obispo: Please change the tone of that homily.

However, as we all know, in reality, the Church authority especially in the Philippine scenario, they can do what ever they want to do. Why not? They are the Bishops, the Cardinals. They are the kings of their domains. They can think whatever they want that suit their purpose in life guided by whatever principle they have acquired to maintain the Empire.

If they call you, “TEMPTRESS!”  then you are a temptress!  What the heck are you doing with the seminarian, anyway?

Sabi pa nya, napakasakit mo na mang magsilita kuya, unfair at mali ata ang interpretation nyo.

So I responded, before you say, unfair at napakasakit kuya Eddie, look at the picture of a temptress: the movie.

Looking on the bright side

Looking at the bright side

Iha, as a reminder, the service we offered, is free. What do you expect for a free advise? Heaven? Pampering? We don’t do that. So at the end, we settled with the “temptress”. Kiliti ng Diyos…catchy title.

Kiliti Ng Diyos blog ni Padre Duds

Kiliti Ng Diyos blog ni Padre Doodz, SDE

Here is a nice piece about temptation or tukso by Fr. Duds Hila, SDE in his blog Kiliti Ng Diyos. Ang parokya ni Padre Duds sa Digital Age.

* * * *

For record purposes, the session continues:

Question 1: Do you have any sexual relationship with the Bishop?

Answer: Sus maryosep kuya, no! with a  comment; “Tigulang na tawon pud na sya oy…magabaan pud baya ta.”

Then she asked me point blank, how the hell did you get the idea about me having a relationship with a bishop?”

Well, I thought we were talking about the Sin of the Father: The Story of the Century where a Philippine bishop, his name is Yalung became an ordinary citizen, lost everything because of infidelity, stupidity and abuse of power – – a disgrace to the Catholic Institution.

Fine. Good enough. Walang personalan, trabaho lang.

Here is the advise: “get rid of the seminarian now; cut off all the communications and never ever have a physical contact with that seminarian again – not now not ever.

Do it now! and remember if you ever contact him again in the near future, you will be reminded when the word comes alive. You will see that “Our people do not live by bread alone. . . ”  and that same event myth of the “Brown Envelope” will born.

The myth: Twenty years later, according to the myth, the young lady became a woman –a beautiful woman and  a powerful woman.  Her dynasty has grown as far as the eyes can see. Her people power can now topple anybody’s power in the face of the earth. She’s too powerful and she knew it.

One of the most amazing power she possessed as the century turns was turning facts into myths;  in front of the eyes of the beholders…satisfied with their shares.

Her power echoed from A to J. She was feared. She was over her head. She stopped listening to the cry of her people.

No one can stop her but her alone. But she could not resist the temptation to prolong her reign forever and ever – – at the delight of her avid supporters/earners/propagandists/organizers/operandis/.

Years of building the dynasty would not go smoothly. So she read once again the story of the “Myths of the Greek Gods.”

With her power she became goddess herself. She was likened to the Christians’s Savior  who we served. With her big head and in defiance to the law of Nature, she contacted the friend.

The young seminarian is now a priest. He is now living in his dream, serving his people. He will make a difference. He brought change.

At last,  they met again. Acording to the myth “The How BATHALA” created the world – – the “eye in the sky” saw the envelopes passing by.


4 Responses to “The homily that makes the difference”

  1. Jorge said

    Uhmm.. nde naman po magkapareho. I enjoy reading it though.

    Babalikan ko po ang blog nyo. It seems interesting.


    • edited/rearranged: today

      salamat sa puna. i truly understand your perspective, but i ain’t changing my mind. i will agree na sa yung perspektiba nde magkapareho. best reason for this one is… malabo na kasi ang ating mga mata iho, blinded with too much lights. kaya dito lang tayo nag focus. kaya ito ang ating nakita.

      Chapter 1: Let’s Start with a Goodbye.
      Di ba nagpapaalam ka naman pag makipag break?

      Chapter 2: Past is Past.
      Story of the past din naman ung story natin dito diba?

      Chapter 3: A Night to Remember
      Breakfast time daw sila nag meet, morning.

      Chapter 4: I’m yours
      Ang sa amin naman I don’t think so – nakipagbreak na nga.

      Anong say mo, parekoy! parekoi.

  2. Jorge said

    Coolness parekoi!!

    Konting kaibahan lang nmn sa title, as in konti lang, hihihi..

    I’ll add you po sa link ko.


  3. exodians said

    Hello Kapatid na Jorge. Salamat pala sa link: Exodus Leviticus. Interesting name…Curious lang, how did you come up with the name Exodus Leviticus?

    Warning: You don’t have to disclose any information.

    Pilgrimage/Homage to your EXODUS LEVITICUS once in a while.

    Thank you.

    Tag: Social Networking

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