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Hello Rising Sun, thank you Social Networking

Posted by darbs on March 6, 2009

Amazing Grace

The image was taken from the movie, Amazing Grace.

Ang entry “Hello Rising Sun, thank you Social Networking” ay pinadala ni ultimoadios ang blogger ng nyjoomla.wordpress.com para sa exodians.org.

His favorite blog is  Jose Rizal in the U.S.A.

His favorite song is “Amazing Grace”.

Matud pa nya, “LIGID, LIGID. PAK! NABUAK ANG BOLA NI PEPING… Nagkita ra gayod.”

Salamat kapatid.

Hello Rising Sun ! Thank you Social Networking
by ultimoadios

The rising sun: Professor Arao

The rising sun: Professor Arao blog

Rising Sun is a personal blog of a U.P. Professor in journalism.

Hello Professor!

His blog is a great resource. He shared his works and his personal thoughts you could only experience in an Open Source Community.

Who could ever imagine a probinsyanong dako sama kanako, baduy nga pagka-unggoy, utok bolinaw, bugo pa sa manatad, makahimamat og mabasa ang panghunahuna ni Propesor Arao.

I don’t know about you, but this experience is heaven for me. (pahulam sa gipaMulong, igsoon.) “Heaven on  earth, as it is in the Internet.”

The “Seventh” heaven experience first encounter in the Internet was the FREE SOFTWARE from the Open Source Movement.

Hello, Ubuntu Linux Community!

Keep the Faith BROTHERS!

Here is one of Prof. Arao works, in pdf file:  reference for my  teach-ins. “Teaching and Web Authoring: Personal Observation by Danny Arao.

In the early years of 2000, when the Internet world was “still young”, there was a website that made me squirm. But amazingly, unlike all the other websites at that time who came before my eyes, most of them became “zombies”, some were gone and deleted but bulatlat.com remains standing up to this time.

Salute to the masters of journalism!

I-ampo mo sila.


6 Responses to “Hello Rising Sun, thank you Social Networking”

  1. walongbote said

    woohh yan ang mga tinatawag nating SENIOR BLOGISTA.. they really deserve the tribute that I made.. 🙂

  2. Salamat sa pagpublish sa entry. Wonderful idea ang Certified Senior Blogista at least wa pa ta mabelong sa Certified Geriatrics Blogistas.

  3. Jorge said

    Ay sandali, nde ko masyadong naintindihan, hihihi..

  4. sitsarong bulaklak said

    Crunch! crunch! I like your writing style, unconventional, very infrmative. Bulatlat is one of the leading websites not afraid to write the ills of the society. Isulong!

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