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The Pens of Hope: This time, NORTEHANON BLUES

Posted by exodians on March 10, 2009

The Pens of Hope campaign. Here is our badge. Let us start giving our pen of hope to those who need them - -the kids.

While hopping from blog to blog, along the vastness of the “Cloud”, this blogger was wondering if he could embed the badge and blog about it. But the blogger could not think of anything, except to copy and paste the code.


Let it be known that the bloggista whom we hopped is being tagged.



* * * *

Unrelated Story:

“Who will listen if everybody is talking/blogging?” That was the message left behind by our fellow blogger whom we tried to offer our “pens” of hope. But  few months later for some “wacko” reasons he deleted all the entries – – a desecration of our creation and good intention!

The blogger had all the rights to do what he gudda do! But that would not mean we were not pissed!  We were so pissed because THE UNGRATEFUL SOUL, without notice had deleted, including all our positive and hopeful feedbacks that we thought could save his frigging LONELY  SPIRIT.

Peace brother!

We’re Cool!


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