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Expulsion of illegals in the land of opportunity, pray for them?

Posted by exodians on March 11, 2009

Even though we really love to blog about GOOD THINGS, SUCCESS STORIES, CELEBRITIES, JOKES, AND FUN! FUN! AND MORE FUN! and try to avoid controversial issues, but today, we cannot just shut up and let our disgust sipped into our soul and remained satisfied while others are suffering. Without a doubt, we are disturbed with the contradictions we witnessed regarding the flight of our fellow men. We know exactly how it feels to experience expulsion and the false promises of PRAYER for support. Thanks Goodness, in AMERICA WE HAVE The American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU). The ACLU is here with us, among us, together, hand in hand…

” Because Freedom Can’t Protect Itself “

If we really believe the ideals “that all people are created equal and we – all of us have the freedom to live freely in the pursuit of happiness and liberty  which we inherited from those who fought for the true meaning of these ideals, and when persecution is happening to our fellowmen in our front yards, then here is the OUTRAGE!

First 100 days: first worksite raid againt illegals

The first 100 days: the first worksite raid against illegals

The first work site raids of the Obama Administration was emailed to us weeks ago by one of our friends. He gave us this link  Onthe Wilderside.net: Another Word  Press Blog.

We were all aware, that the issue of  illegal immigration in this country was buried during the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign. Now, the reality bites.

In the U.S.A, the “immigration law” like all the other laws, has to be implemented, otherwise, lawmaking job will be obsolete. Laws have to be enforced, otherwise, the law enforcing job will be eliminated. If that is the case, then many will be jobless, no one can afford to loss their job in this economy – – “trabaho lang walang personalan.”

But the question is, who will be affected? It depends. In this story, which is hard to swallow because from the eyes of the LAW, the “criminals” are the illegal immigrants; the ordinary people in this world who came to America through the desert, land, air and sea. They are called “illegals”, “aliens” and worst called “criminals” – for violating the American immigration law created by those in power. Deny them, but at the end of the day, these illegal immigrants are  our brethren too. Their crime is simply being in a country where “dream” could happen.

The debate on this punitive law continues. There are people/group who believe and defended the ideals that ALL MANKIND have the right to live freely, choose where they want to be.

And while the debate continues, one by one the illegal immigrants were rounded up and faced prosecution; imprisonment and expulsion. The punitive action as mandated by the immigration law is now in progress. Our sense of belonging and tolerance to those who seek better life in the land of opportunity is now in peril. Our own discussions are even nastier and heated up as we witnessed these “illegals” rounded up.

The strongest argument (which is true) is that “In America, law is a law. Nobody is above the law, including “illegal immigrants” who are hiding BEHIND the ideals of JUSTICE, EQUALITY, PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS BULLSHIT! ”

Here, in America we clearly see the goodness of life and its contradiction. We want to believe that we have the responsibility to the world and at the same time impede the lives of our/these immigrants/people who are now in our lands and want to live with us in peace and for personal prosperity.

During our “mock”, unscientific, and unsupervised surveys, we asked leading questions to  handful of American friends regarding the flight of  these “illegals”,  the reaction was, “SCREW THEM, FRIGGING ILLEGALS!” But guess who’s talking? Ex-illegal immigrants themselves! What an irony. When asked, what can we do to help? The answer was, lets just pray for them. AMEN.


4 Responses to “Expulsion of illegals in the land of opportunity, pray for them?”

  1. DFish said

    Indeed, a very complex, sensitive social justice issue but nonetheless demands a humane response. Now, it depends on what lens one will use: is it going to be the lex talionis or “the sabbath law is made for humans and not otherwise.” Babalikan ko to…

  2. zen said

    Love your blog. but immigration is easy to say than done. it is complicated.

  3. jeniffer said

    It’s a democratic country. We have all the right to speak our mind. Yet sometimes, they are not listening to us. That’s the problem here in the Philippines. Small voices are mostly ignored. Like what happen to those farmers.. they really do “hunger strike”.. they walked a miles from their homeland.. at the end, their sweat still leaves with nothing. Poor Juan dela Cruz.. 😦

  4. darbs said

    The Filipino farmers have to keep on knocking. They cannot stop. If those who fought for the Civil Rights movement in America got tired after few years of knocking, I would not be enjoying the fruits of their labor. However, Freedom gained has to be guarded…and of course if possible ask for more – – that is my AMERICA!

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