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El kapitan: the case of the “Hummingbird”

Posted by darbs on March 24, 2009

"Saan ka patungo, Panganay ko. Ano ang hinahanap mo sa ating mundo?" - - mga katanungan ni Joey noong unang panahon.

"Saan ka patungo, Panganay ko. Ano ang hinahanap mo sa ating mundo?" - - mga katanungan ni Joey noong unang panahon.

Cultural Night sa Internet: Social Media 101(Ang Ritwal: Responsibility, Courage, Compassion and Tolerance)
Sample project: Equipped for the future (EFF): The use of information and technology. Salamat Igsoong EXODIANO!

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Web Application used: backtype.com (under study)

Here is the song that came with the bailout. This is the only youtube video available at this moment. We found one but “embedding is prohibited.” Just click the play button and continue reading because there is nothing to watch.

Witnessed in the day of our Lord; In the House of the Rising Sun; In front of our BILLIONS…TRILLIONS OF INTERNET VIEWERS!

Together with the MASTER OF SUGGESTIONS: DFish

Pasiuna: To El Kapitan with his 41,993 strong bords  – Thank you for “bailing” out the “HummingBird.” Here is the link of your claim: http://www.backtype.com/url/exodians.wordpress.com

We found the link through search engine while trying to decode Dfish’s LEAPFISH instruction of Type it.

To ElKapitan, here is the badge for the claim:

exodians: comment claimant

exodians: comments/posts claimant

Note: Your response was a work of miracle that can only be experienced here in the Internet. Your claim is the solution of the message. Dated: March 15, 2009 update that says; Re: Hummingbird should stop humming and hopping. Starting NOW,  exodians.wordpress.com will suspend using the EXODIANS WP account, to hop around the blogesphere until technicalities will be resolved.

In addition, we will suspend leaving messages and comments using the exodians’ name. For now the exodians account will not be used to publish any blog entry. New Policy, No exception!: Guideline is important to avoid any legal action in the near future. Every entry of this blog has to be posted by the individual member who responded the EXODIANS.WORDPRESS.COM invitation.

Signed by Darbs (Hey, I am just the messenger!)

* * * *

Here is the part where we have to remember the first year anniversary of the article entitled, “To Our Fellow-Exodiano With-His-41993-colleagues.”

The article dated March 2008

The article dated March 2008

We also dig an old article dated 11/28/04 written by  Raquel C. Bagnol
Source: Sunstar

…through the introduction of a banana demonstration farm. The farm was made possible through partnership of the Don Bosco Technology Resource Center, the GOP-UNMDP and ICHTUS Development Foundation Inc., a non-government organization composed of ex-seminarians under the leadership of its president Ronald Parrenas who pushed for the implementation of the diversified farming system (DFS) and adopted the farming systems development (FSD) approach to help the community manage their own farms.

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