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In Solidarity with MAMA EARTH: March 28, 2009

Posted by darbs on March 28, 2009

At exactly 8:30 PM, WE  turn off all our lights!

Including this COMPUTER

In solidarity with MOTHER EARTH!

as part of a global initiative called Lights Out Action For Climate Change...

"as part of a global initiative called Lights Out Action For Climate Change... -NY1"

The City of New York joins the campaign! Read ny1 report.


2 Responses to “In Solidarity with MAMA EARTH: March 28, 2009”

  1. emilayskie said

    wow naman. buti naman at nag-participate din kayo jan. Kami rin sa bahay at sa office tumulong jan sa Earth Day na yan. Good job!

    • darbs said

      Salamat po tulong para kay Mother Earth. Salamat po sa mensahe. Salamat po sa pagsulong.

      Hindi ka nag-iisa. Hindi tayo nag-iisa. MILLIONS OF US HEED THE CALL.

      We did our part. We sacrificed an hour; TOTAL BLACKOUT (DUHH…an hour) – forcing ourselves (kuno) to meditate – to contemplate – to pray – to be with God – who claimed that HE CREATED MOTHER EARTH! WHO TRADEMARKED AND OWNED MOTHER NATURE AS THE CREATOR AND INVENTOR Early Christian Bible: Read Genesis – The Creation. Then one day decided to let HIS people do whatever they want in this world. To be creative…to be so POWERFUL that their own POWER could destroy HIS creation…

      Tonight our action signifies peoples obligation to clean up their own mess…

      Enough said…

      Para sa yo: Mother Vicar of Emilayskie. Salamat po sa pagdalaw Mother Vicar of Emilayskie for short Mother E. What an HONOR to have you with us.

      Tinawag po kayong Mother E or Vicar of Emilayskie in reference to the DFISH’s “Comedy TV Show: Anglican Cleric entitled “The Vicar of Dibley.”

      Keywords: A cleric woman? A Vicar of

      Warning: Please don’t ask us, why in God’s name Anglican Church has a woman cleric? Go to the Anglican believers and ask them or just use Google. We all know GOOGLE. GOOGLE is THE GOD OF THE INTERNET…ask GOOGLE, any question. Google will answer you but you need the guidance of your own GOD’S religion or whatever faith you are practicing to find the answer that tailored to whatever you want to believe – –

      *Manol nga Darbs in the desert of faith… who accidentally entered a BIG HUGE CHURCH without reading the MANUAL, thinking that all churches with the SIGN OF THE CROSSES with REBOLTOS, STAINGLASSESS, WOMAN’S IMAGES, LOOK-ALIKE SAINTS are the same as the BIG ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH…to his surprised… “he realized that it was not the same church…THIS REALIZATION CAME when a woman dressed with the PRIESTLY COSTUME headed the procession…” he found the kamanolan an experience all he uttered was…”wow, a cleric woman. so beautiful…so, cool! Amen.”

      Sorry to tell you Catholic ambitious women that Roman Catholic as an institution will never destroy the tradition. A Catholic Woman Cleric? – -That is TABOO…PLEASE ENTER SISTERHOOD instead; THAT’S ALL YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO:

      Don’t push your luck. http://www.google.com/search?q=sisters+of+the+catholic+church

      This is not about ALL BOYS CLUB. There is more to that…rooted in the early Christian Tradition…long long time ago when the world was still young. When Christians were fed to the Lions…burned to death…crucified upside down…

      The sacrificed of those MARTYRS who defended the faith; promoted the faith;CAPTURED by the KINGS AS friends not foes…one day Welcome the Christians…

      “the enemy” became friends and together they share the MANNA!

      And I was left standing in the cold…


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