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The American Experience (Draft)

Posted by darbs on March 29, 2009

Cultural Night sa Internet: Social Media 101
March 29, 2009

1 year and 1 day as a Naturalized Citizen of the U.S.A: Review ONE year later
Together: Our Citizenship is not a right. It is A PRIVILEGE!

True or False

Of course, it is a privilege. It is not a right. Our citizenships can be revoked. We can be sent HOME! (one reacted sacrilegiously “holy crap!” – – muntik na nyang nabitiwan ang HOLY WATER…”

…the Presiding Judge said something like “fainess in our laws” and  we added something like, “join the workforce…pay your TAXES…follow the laws and order…educate yourself… know your rights as a citizen…get insured…get a computer…join wordpress…start blogging…AND ENJOY LIFE LIKE ALL THE OTHERS…Preach Godly and Positive THINKING.

What you are about to see is a video presentation OF THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE 101: Based on  DFish “playing with words” … “I wonder who DFISH really is…” I consider him a Spiritual Guru. He could be my long lost Spiritual Director at NDAS.

Enough said.

Introduction:  Albert Einstein’s.

Voices of Americans…

Great Americans…

Voice one: “The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything.”

Voice two: “We need men who can dream of things that never were.”

Voice three with a little revision: “If a man has not discovered something he would die for, he ain’t fit to live.”, sorry to say that this quotation is too much for me to swallow; so I reword the last part; here we go…”If a man has not discovered something he would die for, he is in a deep sh*t…

The best  title of this video should be…”Please see the video and decide…”

I should title this video  something like…”Hell in Paradise” or “Never Again!” or Simply, “The American Experience: 101…”

Instruction on how to watch the movie.

Step 1: Click the image below (New window will open) Observe the URL

In the context of my culture, tradition and belief

In the context of my culture, tradition and belief



2 Responses to “The American Experience (Draft)”

  1. DFish said

    Anak ng kalawakan…at naging un-certified guro pa ako dito. Igsoong darbs, Fil-Am ka na pala? Congrats sa pribilihiyo…Ingatan mo. Ayaw pagluto pirmi ug buwad kay makasuhan ka.

    • darbs said

      hahahaha! tinuod giod ka bay. ang kaso is “Dissemination and proliferation of stinky,smelly,jucky thingy…matud pa sa silingan nga Amerikanong rasista – WHAT IS THAT SHITTY SMELL! Are you cooking that Filipino food again?” Matud, pa hey, we have kids here…you cannot use the S word! (kung kids na gani ang atong gamiton nga anting anting, moatras na na sila. You will not mess around with their kids here. Protektado kaayo ang mga amaw.)

      Ang danggit ang pinaka worst nga baho…kung sa building ang pinoy nagpuyo. Sayop kung mingawon ka ining danggit nga bulad…kay after ni sya maluto? Lamian tuod? pastilan…mopilit ang baho sa buwad for a week. Kung arte ka, you have to wash all your clothes or STOP just stop COOKING BULAD! Instead, pugos ta og bisita sa Filipino Store para makatilaw og bulad.

      Salamat sa bulad bolinao dfish.

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