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Rights of Reply Bill: Introduction revised t2 (draft status)

Posted by exodians on April 11, 2009

Adult Ed 101: Identify the file extension of the image below.

Theme 2


Answer: animated gif

Exodians Trivia Quest: We Love Our Vocation: We are on SACRIFICE – – The November “phenomenon” – – “WE HAVE TO ACT FOR IT!” from the perverted practice of religion tailored to the American experience (MUST BE REWORDED reason: politically incorrect). What if your brain was trained to remember events and connect these events in the best possible way just like who wrote the author of the HISTORY OF THE CHURCH – – where HELL exposed…

They are now writing HISTORY from the ERA where we were born and shared the intensity of labor without counting the cost. “Really?” Are you kidding us? The code of silence was broken, REMEMBER?

. . . so that according to the conspiracy theorists; “They” have to conspire and pass the “Bill” called “Rights of Reply” for whatever reason similar to whatever event in the past.

The connection to the past is obvious that POWER (cause) and the result (effect) is SO REAL (in your face type of reality) even by just listening to the signs of time by the use of  information technology. (MUST BE REWORDED: reason – So prophetic and messianic. Another reason: “Cause and Effect is trademarked/watermarked by St. Thomas Aquinas) So to end this Friday, Good Friday, the message is and will be . . . if you were there, then consider it, A CURSE! So help us God! because we can run as far as … but we cannot hide! NOT FOREVER…As Network would say; NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE! KEEP THE FAITH ALIVE.

This is the portrait of St. Thomas Aquinas according to Wikipedia.

Symbol of faith and dedication…


Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia


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