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The Falling Rain: Not a dream

Posted by exodians on April 11, 2009

” I was soaked, wet and cold…”

“Too much rain flooded our subway system…”


Rhythm of the Falling Rain
This music  was first heard in our town, early 80’s
played in the following formats:

  • Catholic School Band: Instrument used; xylophone – played and popularized by our barrio neighbor who became an MD…

Message: Hello Dr. AA M.D.! IMHO – he could be considered a Dr. Jose Rizal of our town or it is just me. Mobilib gani tag mga palahubog, sugarol, babaero, manananggot, swetic, mga maro, mga bugoy ug maayong laki sa BAROY,  kini pang naka doctor giod?  Kayati basad no!

DUGANG Info sa atong Dr. AA, Md. – Sa University of the Phil.  pud diay tu sya migradwar sa iyang medisina. (Disclaimer: ambot kung tinoud nga botbot o bakak nga kamatooran)

Nia ang gitogtog sa batan-on pa si Baryohanong Dr. Jose Rizal.

* * *

Another pick for the occasion

The Rhythm of the Falling Rain
Year 2005


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