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A New Dawn by Nooks and Crannies

Posted by exodians on April 13, 2009

Nooks and Crannies

A New Dawn Blog Entry by Nooks and Crannies. Screenshot Courtesy: Nooks and Crannies

Posted on by coolwaterworks: I thought that my previous entry about my reflection on Christ’s resurrection will be my last entry before I take my hiatus for the Holy Week… But here I am now, hopeful as ever and faithfully clinging to that promise of Easter. The song in my previous post has taken a new meaning in my life this week. My grandmother (my mother’s mother) took her final bow to this earthly life at around 7:20AM today. My mother was there, nursing her until her very last moment.  While all of us in the family mourn, I hold to that firm hope in my heart that she has experienced a new dawn – with the light of a million mornings. You can read the entry here.

Farewell Lola Pilar!

Paalam aking apo...Paalam grannie! Welcome to the Cloud!

Paalam aking apo…Paalam Grannie! Paalam Inang Menzie; Welcome to the “Cloud” Guys! Welcome to the cloud! : Tribute to our grannies! My GRANNIE! Inang…”apay nagsangit awan iti sanga…”  The answer was…”salawasaw! …bisaya ka lat-ta…outch! sa mga nakasabot.

Photo courtesy:

Ilokano Songs!

Mga partidos nga kailokanohan! Amigo sa mga Ilokanos! Mga Kababayan sa Tradisyon ug Kultura nga nagdako sa mga Kanta sa Luzon man..Sa Visayas man…Sa Mindanao man… Sa UK man…Sa Aussie man…Sa Hongkong man …Sa DUBAI!…TIBOOK KALIBUTAN NA!

The sound where we get connected…

Dili kahulat sa balos nia nanikas na lang "copy and paste"

Dili kahulat sa balos nia nanikas na lang "copy and paste"

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