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Chance: Thanks to 2009 Britain got talent)

Posted by exodians on April 17, 2009

Chance Recipient: Susan Boyle

With chance: Age does not matter…

ORDINARY LIKE US shines because she was given that chance…Thank you CHANCE!

She shines!

One click won’t do you any good because…

Solution: Double click above or below the message that says “embedding prohibited…”


2 Responses to “Chance: Thanks to 2009 Britain got talent)”

  1. diaryofmiel said

    thanks for your comment pala… i havent bloghopped for ages already but i remembered your url… super thanks… kala ko pa naman spam ung comment mo heheh churi… bisaya ka? pwede ta exchange links? God bless!

    • exodians said

      Sister Diary welcome sa among payag (code sa: BASILICA mas taas pang kang Peter nga Basilika).

      Pinulungang: May bisaya ta, May Ilonggo, May Ilokano, Tagalog, Waray, Teroray, Bol-anon, – –

      keyword: MINDANAO!

      Exchange link policy:
      Yes, exchange link. Salamat po (salute to our youth!) Please don’t ignore them…they are one hell of a FORCE!

      Sis D, ang pasalamat ay may kasama pang GENUFLECT…AT BOW…Salute din pala. Hand-shake…with respect…bow once again before exiting.

      Singing the song: “kasamay hawakan upang ikaw ay umunlad; kapit bisig tayong DUGO ANG NAG-UGNAY…ngayon at sa oras at sa ng KINABUKASAN…”Iligtas mo kami sa panginoong…(personal relationship with the world and authority…)”

      Is it hard to be humble in front of our YOUTH? in the open world!

      Warning: Don’t listen. It will corrupt your mind. Hang-on to the tradition. Tan-awa ang resulta sa inisog ug way kalooy nga desisyon sa atung mga magulang, amahan, whatever you call them…nia na-na-ling-sing na hinuon.

      Thank you!

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