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Timeless: Pope’s N.Y. visit revisited

Posted by exodians on April 21, 2009

We are listening...Reconciation indeed! based on Justice and Fairness . . .

Screenshot Courtesy: D’ Daily Show

A year ago during Pope Benedict’s April 2008 U.S. visit, there was an article in The New York Times entitled, “In Speech, Pope Urges Promotion of Human Rights”.

In that article, it reminds us the principle of “cause and effect” – – violence begets more violence…

“Indeed, the victims of hardship and despair, whose human dignity is violated with impunity, become easy prey to the call to violence, and they can then become violators of peace,” the 81-year-old pope said. Read Newyork Times article.

Pope’s message is loud and clear especially if you were a witness or a victim of violence and injustice. This reminds us once more of the movies such as, “Inumpisahan mo, Tatapusin ko…” or what about “Ang paghihiganti ni Leon Guerrero: Ubusan nang Lahi!”



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