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Timeless:Flowers for the departed

Posted by darbs on April 21, 2009


Photo Courtesy:cpcabrisbane.org

Photo Courtesy: cpcabrisbane.org

One Bread, One Body, One Lord of All

This will bring us to BroUtoy’s GARDEN in his BASILICA to pick some flowers…
An invitation for the occasion. . .
Flowers For You!

Dawata kining kinasing-kasing nga halad nganha kanimo…

Supreme Bishop Alberto Ramente, D.D.

Photo Courtesy: utoysaves.wordpress.com

Photo Courtesy: utoysaves.wordpress.com

KABABAYANG –  FILIPINO – Church leader  . . .

Bishop Alberto Ramento, D.D

Screenshot courtesy: YouTube Video

The bishop’s prediction:

“I know they are going to kill me next, but never will I abandon my duty to God and my ministry to the people.” — Bishop Alberto B. Ramento D.D., ninth supreme bishop of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, who was found murdered Oct. 3, 2006 inside his rectory in Tarlac.


Welcome to the cloud Bishop Ramento!


Ang mga pulong nga  imong gibilin mamahimong sulo ug giya sa padayon nga pag-taak sa dalang tunukon… ug ang imong KAMATAYON mamahimong inspirasyon  ug kalayong nagdilaab sa kasing-kasing sa imong KATAWHAN…

Pag-ampo: Pasayloa sila GINOO (mga “robbers” kuno)…PASAYLOA SILANG MIPAHILOM SA OBISPO! Pasayloa sila, kay wala sila masayod sa epekto ug resulta sa ilang GIHIMO…

Sa ngalan sa Amahan sa Anak Ug sa Inahan…





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