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Timeless: Quote from Eagle’s Hotel California brought us here

Posted by Toto Divino on April 25, 2009

(Post updated by darbs april.25.2009)

Ibandera gyud ang pagka-exodiano wherever, whenever and however possible.  I only know one thing:  If the people call on you, who are you to not heed.  If they persist, then you are worthy.  Serving the people…that is your glory,…and curse too.  He he!  Beware, when you serve the people, there is no going out.  Sabi pa ng Eagles:  “you can check out anytime to want, but you can never leeeeaaave.”

Bitaw bay, you need to respond to the panawagan.  Dati tayo ang pumupukaw, ngayon ikaw naman ang pupukawin.

Toto Divs

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Updated by darbs – April 15, 2009

Hello Toto Divs,

The next piece is just an example of what the CLOUD CAN OFFER.

Tag: Social Media, Collaboration, Cloud, Technology

Updated: April 25, 2009

Trivia question: Please answer without counting the prize.

Name the artist: “Money for nothing chicks for free…” “colored tvvvvvvvvv…”

Comment signed by darbs: Ordinary people like you and I created something without seeing each other in person. Kung religious pa nga pangyam-yam – – “Ang kasulatan natuman na mga igsoon. Ambot kung unsa nga kasulatan kini apan ang panahon sa panagtabo nga wala nay kalainan ang buhi ug ang patay…Ang MENSAHE NING ATONG LANGIT MAHISULAT gikan sa mata sa mga ORDINARYONG TAWO!

Ang Langit —ang INTERNET… THE CLOUD! Far yet so NEEEEEAAAR!

ASK THE BLOGGERS! Ask the Forumers! Ask the Social Media Community members … The world is right in front of them… We can now travel everywhere without moving from our chairs.

The word Transcendal! REMEMBER? “ang maong pulong nahimong KALAG UG ISPIRITO SA KAWANANGAN ug karon makig-istorya na kanimo …”RIGHTS OF REPLY!” Bibo pud baya ang blog kung may mang reply. Buot ipasabot, may nagbasa ug may wa giganahan! Kining wa giganahan tungod sa “RIGHTS OF REPLY gustong mobalos sa istorya sa kanahang manunulat aron kasab-an kay mali ang mga data, bulan, petsa…ug uban pang mga kasaypanang puedi pang purgahon.

The Power of Technology! WELCOME TO THE CLOUD! Ang RELIHIYON ning Bag-ong Panahon nga ang ginoong bungoton puedi na giod kaayong BARBASAN…ug HUBUAN…pero ayaw pud oy! MAHADLOK pud baja tag GABA. LOL.

updated: October 4, 2009

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