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Communion discontinued since when?

Posted by darbs on May 3, 2009

Visit DFish Fresh Blog Entry: “The Call to prayer: In the year of the  SWINE FLU”
Year: 2009, the year of our Lord.

Puera yaga-yaga: Dili ba Swine Flu in Bisayan is H1lanat N1Butakal. How did they do that? kayati basad!

Disclaimer: No, I did not complain why the Churches discontinue COMMUNION. I believe they have  all the reasons to believe…  I don’t have any problem with my local church decision.

Ang higalang faithful morag may reklamo very attractive kaayo ang titulo sa iyang article, Oh, Communion, Communion, Where Art Thou?

Keywords: Fear Sells

Oh Communion, Communion, Where Art Thou?

May 2, 2009

I don’t want to make lite of the whole Swine Flu thing.  The CDC can’t be blamed for handling the situation the way that they are.  It’s not their fault that a potentially dangerous strain of flu has sprung up at the same time news media seems to be dropping like flies.  The papers and 24 hour news networks needed a story with legs to sell advertising, and they got one.  Fear sells. Read the rest of the entry

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