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Dandansoy: Sing along kung way pianista

Posted by exodians on May 7, 2009

Pianist’s qualification: “Without counting the cost…” – makabayan, makatao, (maka-diyos is not required (with respect to our atheist friends who have talents and time to offer without counting the cost also.) What we need is the volunteerism spirit. The important is we work together for a simple reason “CHOIR: DANDANSOY”…not the complicated and dreamie…WINK! kay may agenda man giod kung may purpose and imong existence and can see beyond what is normal…wooo! MESSIANIC! DELIKADO!

Kung sa Ilongo Kulturepa…“turi mo eh…” but we cannot say that if he/she is not in the CIRCLE where verbal abuse is funny at “dugo ang nag-ugnay” in other words, part of the “circle culture” where we can refrain using the word if asked politely. We all know that “turi mo eh”  is considered foul and offensive both inside and outside the circle. It is up to us.

KUDOS to the Following Ds
Let’s name them: Dandansoy Blues – Los Angeles Chapter

G. Nono

Grace N

Grace N

And this



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