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VACARE: As real as it gets, nurse unwanted?

Posted by exodians on May 9, 2009

Aw…it is not, the correct title is…

Nursing Crisis by Jen, R.N.

May 8th, 2009

Who is she? Where is she? Can anybody remember the blog entry?

I still remember the line from our Pentagon Mentors “Your exams may not be as complicated as the economic situation of America, but you will the Obama who is motivated and is fully trusted to rise above the others and become the pride of your PENTAGON FAMILY.”-True. Our board exams might be one of the noisiest board exams on media beside from those physician’s, lawyer’s and engineering. The rest are making own noise. Kidding. But to be more serious–It’s true that we are having millions of nurses in the Philippines. If you are one of the passengers of LRT’s in manila, then you’ll see that there’s a lot of nursing students in different school uniforms. Aside from that we are one of the leading producers of nurses around the globe. China and India are one of the exporter of nurses too.. Our rival.

I have this conversation with my friend through YM. He is in saudie now with his parents. He still ‘tambay’ there, and we were talking about ourselves and the other nurses. We are actually having our debate, ubusan ng english. He wanted me to see the crisis that we had when it comes to nurses and other jobs. Which I also knew. As if I’m blind to know that. The conversation goes like this: Read the rest of the entry.

4 Responses to “VACARE: As real as it gets, nurse unwanted?”

  1. walongbote said

    it’s all ok bro.. Thanks for the features here. I was so glad and a bit awe.. hahaha.. I never thought you will be picking the story for your blog 🙂 and btw who’s that girl? hahaha.. but that’s ok. 🙂

  2. exodians said

    Thanks sa OK, sis. Appreciate it…picking up? why not… the entry sounds truthful and interesting from the R.N. herself…totally a gift and an honor. bow and geneflect…

    Who’s the featured image? Oh no… we could not do that. Baka this will become the noisiest guessing game ever recorded, in addition sa noisiest board exams list.

    Until then…

  3. diaryofmiel said

    naunsa man to brad oi. nag koment ko did2 na man nabalhin kay Jen na blog hehe naa did2 akong comment

    • exodians said

      Sige lang gud oy, si sis pud baya, ang importante mao ang presence. Hangyo na sad kung puede? Wala man gud link ang imong Diaryofmiel, so kung puedi kung mahimo kung gusto nimo, wala ni syay pugsanay aron dili ta mapasanginlan…hehehe

      Bitaw to put a link sa imong pangalan:
      Adto palihog igsoon sa:

      Dashboard – Profile – Scroll all the way down – Then Under Contact Info: Website, paki fill-in na lang sa imong blog – Click of course Update Profile.

      Testing: Lantawon ta kung mosaler ang anting-anting ug ang mitutim. hehehe.


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