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May 2009: Mother’s day message from our friend

Posted by exodians on May 10, 2009

Bing Wilson writer/motivational speaker…

This is your turn.

So here we are in 2009…

Humbled: Vow and Genuflect, the Sting way...

we are humbled by everyone's presence, so we vow and genuflect, the Sting way...

A message fresh from the popular social networking community – – FACEBOOK!

Si Bing Wilson ang Filipina natong manunulat and her message for the 2009 Mothers Day Celebration…

Reposted with permission: Thank you !

Ambassador Bing Wilson

Ambassador Bing Wilson

Who is Bing Wilson?

Bing Wilson, Author and Motivational Speaker. First book released in December-Success and Happiness Now. Go to www.successwithbing.com to get free life changing information. To contribute your stories to Bing email her at 2bing2@gmail.com.

Bing’s 2009 message…


When you are about to use your creativity in your personal life or business, are your intentions in line with the value that you live by? What is in your heart? Do you think of of how your actions can affect people and the environment? Will you elevate the standard of life of everyone involved? Will you bring happiness or harm to others? Before embarking on anything, examine yourself. Ponder the questions above. It is vital to find good intention rooted behind your every action.

Your action speaks for itself. What you do, delivers the message stronger than your words. From now on..intend to…

be kind
be just
be fair

Through your good intentions, people gain trust,respect, love and honor for you.

Written by Bing Wilson
Author and Motivational Speaker
518 229 0083

Bing’s book Success and Happiness Now is available at her website.
Get a copy now at http://www.successwithbing.com.

* * *

Trivia YouTube Quiz – anybody? Do you know that “Desert Rose by Sting” rehearsal video was on September 10, 2001. Just answer Yes, No. Second q: When did you first hear  Sting’s “Desert Rose”? Thanks.


One Response to “May 2009: Mother’s day message from our friend”

  1. Thank you Nur for spreading the positive messages to the world. I believe that we are all connected, we all belong to each other. Our thoughts, intentions and actions can affect the world. Let us intend to live life with total awareness. We are all brothers and sisters. Let us respect others and take care of the planet earth.

    Love, peace and happiness,

    Bing Wilson

    Reply: Hi Bing. What an honor to have you here with us. Thanks. Nur.

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