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“Maria Elena” the song for the occassion

Posted by darbs on May 11, 2009

Maria Elena is a classic latin song that is one of my favorites. – popularized by LOS INDIOS TRABAHARAS in the year 19forgotten — introduced by our putianong nieghbor/mentor in the middle of the 90’s..Charged to power of suggestion tag: Larry Luger

2009 – – Social Networking. I-google po natin si Larry Luger. Yes, that is Larry Luger. Glad to see you in the CLOUD bro…

Message from your Fil-Am Neighbor: Welcome! Here is the song of love and devotion I shared to the mother of my son – –  the “Maria Elena” … “na dugo ang nag-ugnay…” in other words, Sacrament…

I was not sure if “binotbot” nga kadtong iyang gitara… “the guitar was owned by one of the los indios trabaharas…dili libre…may kabayaran ang lahat, but that part I didn’t know. It is considered personal.”  Dito kasi sa aming bagong bayan, it is okey to say ( in your face), “It is none of your business!”. Medyo nasasaktan ang damdamin kung sa Filipino Culture pa, but “ASSIMILATION” remember? Best solution… avoid being/getting personal.


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