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DFish:Spiritual Influence – nosebleeding blues

Posted by darbs on May 12, 2009

A Grain of Desert Sand

July 10, 2008 · 4 Comments

Simon said in reply, “Master, we have worked all night and have caught nothing, but at your command I will lower the nets.” Luke 5:5

What are you fishing on these days and wanting for a catch?

Here’s my take.

(lost my flow of thoughts)


7 Responses to “DFish:Spiritual Influence – nosebleeding blues”

  1. dfish said

    Kunsad HS, ug hayagi ang mga hunahuna nga nakipaglimbasog aron matawo ang Pulong gikan sa kahiladman. I’m excited to read the yet-to-be-born post darbs you are trying to midwife…

    • darbs said

      Kunsad HS, ug hayagi ang mga hunahuna nga nakipaglimbasog aron matawo ang Pulong gikan sa kahiladman.

      Tinoud ka igsoon, apan ako usab nga nasabtan nga kinahanglan ang kahilom aron mahiaguman ug makab-ot ang PULONG sa kahiladman. kay ang sa pagkakaron morag kasaw pa giod kaayo ug ang panagtabi sa Barrio Hall nakaapekto sa pagkab-ot sa kahiladman…retreat ang kinahanglan. RETREAT NGADTO SA DESYERTO ug tagamtaman pag-usab ang EMPTINESS…kay sa giingon ko na KASAW GIOD KAAYO. ug gikinahanglan ko na usab ang kahilom. kahilom nga natagamtaman sa mga KAIGSOONAN NATONG MGA MONKS. salamat sa imong pagpadayag.

  2. dfish said

    Kabalo ko igsoon, sa dagat sa yagayaga, naa giod nimo ang hilom nga tuburan sa mga pagpamalandong, pagtuki, pagbukiki sa kalag…

    • darbs said

      Pagdugang sa mga pulong kantahon ta karon ang… “Sumasamo kami sa yo, marapatin yaring araw, panginoon tanggapin mo itong alak at tinapay”.

      Now, asa man daw pud kuno ta mokuha ug panggasto sa alak ug tinapay. Naa may budget si papa di ba? hahaha! di man pud siguro na sya magdinalo. hahaha! moapil apil na man hinoon.

      Sa ulahi igsoon? Salamat. Remember? “Heavenly Mind of DFish”. Did I say that? or I just copied and pasted without asking permission. We need LAWYERS! MANY MANY LAWYERS! hahaha! just kidding.

      • dfish said

        Padungog-dungog uroy…

        • darbs said

          hahaha! obvious ba?

          Anybody can dream di ba?

          Nia pa diay, “WHEN I/YOU/WE/ wish upon the STAR!” (personalized belief, secular that might be – it is just “I”, “We”, “Us” sometimes want to feel the HEAVENLY/SPIRITUAL/WHATEVER WEIRD FFELING. I am not sure if I can call it “Opium Effect” but of course I did not make that up, I am just referring to what Marxsky said.

          …religion is the opium of the people – karl marx

          What if I was addicted from the opium effect of my religion – that heavenly feeling. What if whenever I practiced the rituals and tried to use the Old Practices (Old Church – Dayong Layot) won’t make me feel HEAVENLY ANYMORE… but NIGHTMARES!

          The only choice is … I have to cling to what THE SECULAR WORLD has to OFFER (songs, poems, lives of great men and women same status as the old church’s saints and Martyrs… ) WITH THE SAME HEAVENLY FEELING … feeling refresh from within. “Feels So Good” – chuck m.

          By the way, I am just a dreamer, and ladies please don’t fall in love with a dreamer if you do then good luck to you and thank you.

          When you wish upon the star.

  3. darbs said

    When you wish upon a star

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