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The day, the emirates reconnected

Posted by darbs on May 13, 2009

Dear Johnonymous. Thank you for passing by. The  link provided under comments, gave me the opportunity to show off this picture from that FAR AWAY LAND. The owner’s name starts with letter J just like J in Johnonymous.

Pic for the occasion

Pic for the occasion

Message: Ading…balong ..ni manong da- toy. nagmayat, nga picture, ading ko.
Hope you don’t mind.

I know life is tough especially in that part of the World where one’s sexual orientation is tantamount to TORTURE. As a symbol, your picture will then look like this.


Here is why?

Screen shot from J

Screen shot from J


2 Responses to “The day, the emirates reconnected”

  1. Wow! I am honored with this… I don’t know how to repay basta I’ll keep paying forward. After all, our blogs are very significant to our audiences.

    Kaso, I am handicapped sa Visayan language, gamay lang. hahaha!

    • exodians said

      We should be thanking you J. You inspired this blog, remember? Don’t worry about visayan, we will take care of that… maski gamay, ok na! What is important is what you just said; “Our blogs are very significant to our audiences”. Thanks!

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