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IrishLaw blog: The Catholic musical (draft status)

Posted by darbs on May 14, 2009

Aral Katoliko: Ang masang katoliko

Aral Katoliko: "Put on the whole armor of God... and take the sword of the Spirit, which is Word of God."

In the past few weeks miracle happened – suddenly the kiddo SA DESYERTO sa pagtoo became religious at heart – on the record, baptized Roman Catholic – –  happily and freely enrolled and educated in the NY Public School System (separation of Church and State is observed) – – -started making some noise/demanded/rallied around the “bahay kubo” that we must attend the Liturgy and here I am back to the fold of the Cathedrals. literally. Not the illusion but the physical church around the CORNER.

The bell sounded…”Cling! Clang! Cling! Clang!” 10 minutes, the mass will start.

Can I say, darn it! hahaha! ang  Ginoong Bungoton gigamit ang bata aron pasudlon balik ang amahan sa simbahan- – ang simbahan nga gigikanan aron sipaon sa gi paMulong ni Padre Damaso de IspriLitSugas! kaniadto nga kuno “WALAY ISPRITUALITY! ” Ug nia mosulod balik aron MAGPAPURGA pag-usab.

Note: I have to see it that way to make sense of the words “RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE”  sa desyerto ning pagtoo.

There was controversy among us when I used the innuendo – – “happily and freely” put my kiddo in public school as if Catholic School is something… something…like kadiri to Death effect which is not. You are wrong if you think that way. But if you do please don’t ever blame me, it was a collective decision.

Truth be told: We are just freer here in our New  Found place.  We don’t feel obligated to do something besides what is mandated by us – –  for us – –   immigrants and citizens living  in the UNITED STATES.

Simple guide to follow: pay your taxes on time; drive safely; don’t ever drive while intoxicated; pay your bills; mind your own business and go to work HAPPY!

In addition, if the supervisor is as retarded and lowlife as DARBS and this unqualified MF! would use words” such as unprofessional” and wrote you  up because you want to promote the GREAT THINGS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS the program/the staff and students were doing then… BETTER FIND ANOTHER WORK PLACE…and shout out loud…FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF RETARDATION. NO MORE! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

You are chosen: What if I we were in the Philippines? Picking a school for my kiddo is as easy as 1 2 and 3 because I  have no other choice, except pick a catholic run school like, ATENEO without  having second thought.. It is like instinct…school – – ateneo. It is like one plus one.  The answer is right there.

Church time! yeeeh! matud pa sa bata nga pirting lipaya nga mosimba na sab mi. Lipay na lang sad ta di ba? Maski kahinumdum tang ang amahan nga karaang exsem – way kunoy  ispirituality matud pa sa karaang ispiritual director. Naa baya pero wa lang mauyoni kay  Padre Damaso de EsperiLitsugas lagi. Way makalupig sa tawong gibatig kasikat sa iyang ispirituality. Come on, whom were you kidding, MF!

Sa ikatulong Domingo sunod sunod nga pag-simba, wa na giod ko kaawanta ug gipangutana na giod ang inahan sa bata, “where did the kiddo get all this information about religion and going to mass…salvation? hell? heaven… saints? priesthood?” This is alarming!

Matud pa sa inahan sa bata, “asa pa sa school…”

Mao sad diay kay nakabarkada ang akong anak ug usa sab ka batang Filipino ug na influence ang akong anakz? Interesting…isip…isip…palaisipan.

“Who’s your dad’s friend, son?” pangutan sa amahan. Kinsa ba diay ang pasanginlan. May kasabihang, “kung wak-wak ang tatay wak-wak pud ang anak…”

Kay kining bata puerti ka hilomon mo shrugged lang kung pangutan-on so ang inahan ang mitubag, “ay ayaw katingala kay expriest daw ang tatay matud pa sa hungihong.”

Nalibog gamay, “Lahi pud ni nga amahan sa batang kaila nga pari ang amahan ug mamisita lang dinhi once in a while? Migawas na ba sya?”

Matud pa sa inahan, “ah, lahi pa giod tu. Pari pa gihapon tu. SENISWERTI GIOD NGA PAGKA-PARI”… PARI NA…may kabs pa. hahaha!”

Ug ang bata nahibulong ug nagkanayon, “what are you talking, guys?”

“Ah” we were just discussing about life.

I attended the mass …the trinity of us. The whole mass process was a nostalgic moment for me. I could not sing the songs but the Misal remains the same so no problem and I always make sure in sync when time to – kneel – – stand – – shake hands for peace – – and HOLD HANDS WHEN SINGING THE OUR FATHER.

The Mass had ended. I enjoyed the moment. I felt so refresh. We came home – relaxed and cherished that moment. Cool!

* * *
Sa laing bahin sa kalangitan may hungihong tang nabatian… tawagon ta sya sa ngalang Higalang Irish…
Go! go! Notre Dame!
The fighting Irish!

Higalang si Irish wa kaagwanta sa iyang gibati sa dihang nakasimba sa Universal nga simbahan loyal kay Pope Benedicto nga taga Roma og Batikan pa. Here comes the  “Irish Law Blog”, the Musical Follies.

Musical follies

The music situation at our new parish has, if anything, become even harder to bear over the last few weeks than when we first started attending. I usually love singing at Mass, but I can’t bring myself to sing most of this stuff at all, much less with any enthusiasm, simply because it is so bland and/or even inappropriate for Mass. Two weeks ago there was a choir-only song at communion, with the first line “This iiiiiiis, the moment of graaaaaace,” which sounded for all the world like a Broadway number. Standard sweeping piano intro, soft start, rousing chorus, etc. A pure performance piece. In fact, when I googled it later, it sounded quite a lot like Jekyll and Hyde’s “This is the moment.” (Or Spamalot’s “The song that goes like this” – heh.) I like Broadway quite a lot. I don’t find it particularly liturgical, though.

Last week, in addition to the standard Gloria and Sanctus that involve multiple gratuitous repetitions of, for instance, “blessed is he, blessed is he, blessed is heeee” and “hosanna (ho-sa-ha-na), hosanna (ho-sa-ha-na), hosanna,” we had the regular children’s liturgy song for children to process out. (”Children, listen to the word of God!” – complete with “Children’s!” ™ type happy piano music.) We also had two hymns that were so awful liturgically that I was still shaking my head for days afterward. Read the rest of this entry

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