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Diary of Me: The M in Miracle

Posted by exodians on May 14, 2009

Message from the exodians: Igsoon, we cannot just let this entry go unnoticed…way so cool.

Warning: Kining maong blog entry, mosikma giod mo ug sip-on, sagol luha ug “dugo ang nag-ugnay. ” SALAMAT IGSOON!

Matud, pa sa amahan nga bato ang kasing-kasing , “animal giod ning anaka, mao ni ang mopahilak sa akoa. matag sulat di giod pueding di ko kahilak.”

* * *

May 14, 2009…5:17 am

We are miracles by DiaryofMiel

DofMWhen I was a little girl even before I went to school, I would pray every night crying that when I die, I hope God would take me to heaven because I really really really want to be with Him.

I then decided I want to be a nun. My parents made me watched the movie of Vilma Santos and told me that a nun’s life is pure hardship. At my very tender age, the movie scared me a lot about the thought of becoming a nun.

Every now and then, going to religious life never escaped my thoughts.walanghinihintaya

Even if both my parents were employed and my father had a good position in a company before, we lived a poor life. My father never gave his full salary to my mother. All I could remember were the waking up late at night or early morning by the noisy arrival of my drunk father. Because of it, my mother became stingy. We went to the best school as she insisted but with only a pair of school blouses and a pair of skirts to be worn for a couple of years. A couple of pair of socks and one pair of shoes and one bag for years to use. A baon was once in a blue moon.

While my classmates were busy collecting barbie dolls and scented papers, I had none. Good thing I was not interested in those things. I was more interested in toy cars and guns.terminator-salvation

I grew up hating my parents for enrolling us to the ‘rich kids’ schools’ and being scorned by some because we were poor.

Then the constant verbal abuses from both parents especially from my mother. I grew up hating myself because according to my mother I was ugly, I was stupichess-player1d, I was evil, I was incapable from her own lips.

One day, out of nowhere I went to the kitchen where my mother was cooking and I told her, “Mama, I am meant for greater things.” She laughed at me, knowing her to be a cynic, I told her that I can do the things she thinks I can’t.

I was ‘kicked out’ from Ateneo high which made my family very angry at me. It was a blessing in disguise though because I was enrolled in a start-up school that developed my potentials. I won gold medals in inter-school competitions, an opportunity I would have missed if I were still in AdDU.

I stopped 2 years in the University because I do not want to take up commerce as my mother wanted. She told me she would have understood if I stopped because I got addicted to drugs or got pregnant but just because I do not want the course is plain stupid for her. Read the rest of this entry.


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