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Former Seminarians: The proud exsem

Posted by exodians on May 14, 2009

Today,  among us, a former seminarian came by. His name is Brian. He brought with him the message – the message that we long to hear. Thank you Brian – the proud EXSEM!

Three Children

Three Children

Here is Brians Ex-seminarian’s description “ala” wikipedia – – “Ex – seminarian”, a word which will forever be associated to anyone who has undergone seminary formation and went out after some time and decided to take other paths to life aside from priesthood.

Candidates for seminary formation are carefully chosen. They undergo a screening process. Numerous tests are administered to them, from physical to psychological and emotional to social aspects of the individual candidate in order to determine wheteher he is compatible to the holistic formation offered in the seminary. Candidates who qualify the required battery of tests in the seminary are accepted. Seminary life begins. Read the rest of this entry


5 Responses to “Former Seminarians: The proud exsem”

  1. DFish said

    At may research proposal pa!

  2. exodians said

    Is that good news or bad news or whatever?

  3. DFish said

    Neither confirm nor deny, haha. But here’s a little of an irony, or what: Former seminarians and priests agree to actively support vocations @ http://www.cbcpnews.com/?q=node/8318

    • darbs said

      Tinoud ka. ang eksaktong tubag is “Neither confirm nor Deny”… hahaha.

      Igsoon may giingon sa Pilipinhong kultura nga palihog kadtong mga “meron” hilom na lang ug sabta ang tawag sa panahon.

      Basin kinahanglanon pud diay. Depende sa perspektiba, remember? Mora man mog others…hahaha!

      pero sa tinoud lang lami pud unta kung ma share ni Brian ang iyang research.

      Ug ang link nga imong gi-provide makatabang siguro mara madali ang paghimo sa iyang proposal kung haom kini sa dagan sa iyang gustong ipaabot.

  4. DFish said

    Puslan mang nangdagko ang mga bata karon with Baby Einstein and Promil,(sa una,lawot ra uroy sa bugas) sigurado masabtan na nang imong mga capital letters darbs…

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