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The Return of the prodigal son

Posted by darbs on May 29, 2009

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The Return of the prodigal son

The Return of the prodigal son

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Welcome to my Barrio Siete somebody printed the story for me. See it here: Buhay Barrio as I see it, no more no less… da bes, da bes.

Isinulat po sa writer na nagpangalang isang…



malensky is malensky is a true blooded Waray-waray from a certain barrio in the Eastern Visayas region. She graduated without honors in Engineering at some University along the Pasig river. A real life opportunist, self-proclaimed artist and street-smart babe who frequents the parlor, making friends with parloristas to get free highlites lol. She works in QC with slightly above minimum wage and plans to further her studies in Ricky Reyes Learning Institute so she could try a career out of haircutting, with manicure and pedicure.

Salamat kaayo, sus no? Viva na lang sa imoha dinha. Tan-awa ang katawa… GENUINE KAAYO…


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