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Recipe HR 1109: Ready to eat for breakfast

Posted by darbs on June 3, 2009

When the Filipino people woke up this morning, breakfast was ready. The food was already cooked.

How many will eat? My guess is you already figure it out. How could you not? Come on, too obvious and too easy especially when ingredients are there for the cooking.

So, mga “kaubang ex-cook” and mga “kaubang ex-nutritionists” now paid to do the cooking job for the gods… you got it right because it was ripe. Your own revolution has been achieved. Cool!

Salute and kudos to all of you. Here is the additional recipe. Hope you like it.


By the way, see you in hell!

Talong Gi-itlogan

Your eggplants and eggs cooked for your gods.

While you are eating, here is a new entry from “Dare to Speak Out!” from Barrio Siete, gapanghinaut nga manga-tuk-an mo sa inyong gikaon.

Dear to speak out

Dumbass Con-Ass

Posted on June 03rd, 2009 in Opinion

I read Cat’s recent article about the recent passage of HR 1109 that was treacherously done last night by traitors, backstabbers, crocodiles and barracudas that are residing in the House of Representatives. They were very eager to cannibalize our countrymen and gang-rape our constitution behind our backs and unfortunately, while we were sleeping. Please continue reading from the heart and soul of Dare To Speak Out!

Please Join the discussion at the Barrio Siete Barangay Hall

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