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Resolution 1109, the beginning

Posted by darbs on June 3, 2009

Updated: 9:46 A.M

In the spirit of "Democratic" Philippines FOOL-liticians in cohorts with their "STRATEGISTS" has created a paradigm that they can now DANCE CHA-CHA-CHA alone.

In the spirit of "Democratic" Philippines FOOL-liticians in cohorts with their "STRATEGISTS" had created their own reality where they can DANCE CHA-CHA-CHA alone to promote their UNDEMOCRATIC (evil) AGENDA.

What is HR 1109?

Resolution 1109 advocates Charter change via constituent assembly even without the participation of the Senate. The House was set last night to approve it in plenary session. (philstar.com)

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Luto na giod maam!

Recipe Resolution 1109: Luto na giod maam. Cha-chahin na natin sila.

According to the exodians: Netizens of the Word


“I have no idea what that means, maybe just to make a sound, whooa?”

Another question came up: When did this happen?

Barrio Siete has the answer. The Cat ay di na ata natulog kaya alam na alam nya ang nangyayari. MEEEOWWWW! translated as:

Last night while it was dark and dreary, the dwarfs passed the resolution which will allow Congress to convene a constituent assembly…the HR 1109. Poor Filipino people sa barrio siete. Naisahan habang naghihilik. More to meeeooooowwww translation.

saksak-dunggab sa among talipusuon

Resolution 1109 is also known saksak-dunggab sa among talipusuon

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