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The legends have spoken

Posted by darbs on June 7, 2009

If I wrote a note to God

9 Responses to “The legends have spoken”

  1. darbs said

    Yes, “That is Charice song”, is it? hmnnn… technically, lyrically, I am not sure about that, but your voice as an instrument, maybe yes.

    Oh ya, an instrument to make their/our/your DREAMS come true – – for you and to your family comes our pride. – tasted the sweetness of social climbing.

    Our/my PRIDE.

    You, “Charice” sang the song written by the legendary songwriter. Your song then produced by another legend, David Foster; exposed by another legend Oprah in the WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD/DISNEY/POPULAR CULTURE/MAINSTREAM MEDIA/DATCOMISTAS/BLOGGISTAS.

    Here we are… nakipag social climb na.

    Oh by the way, did Charice stop dreaming? She has lots and lots!
    Wishes upon a star…
    – meet Justin timberlake
    – Josh “love” affair? – – wooah! I like her spirit. why not!

  2. dencios said

    close to perfect-ness

    • dencios said

      perfection pala LOL. nakita ko na si charice, smiling face 🙂

      • darbs said

        In two minutes, you changed your mind to perfection.

        Time recorded: 1:19pm – 1:17pm = arithmetic

        It is perfection because…personal reasons.

        All mortals – – who listened to the VOICE. Lets combine all our personal reasons …millions of us, MAKE IT BILLIONS! Trillions maybe… AVALANCHE EFFECT!

  3. Snow said

    Galing talaga ni Charice. ^_^

  4. Reesie said

    isang “note” lang ang lamang sa akin ni Charice.. bwahaha… 😛

  5. darbs said

    If I Wrote a Note To God
    (parameter invalid?)

    Testing… Testing… 123…

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