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I just want to make you smile

Posted by darbs on June 13, 2009

No more, no less…

Source: Validation by DiaryofMe


6 Responses to “I just want to make you smile”

  1. Miel said

    You are validated! You are wise and a deep-thinker! You also are gifted of making people happy! Happy Father’s Day! (if you’re not a father yet well.. to the ‘father’ in you!)

    • darbs said

      You are much wiser. You are awesome. Dili na lang nato pasubrahan kay naa ra bay ingon sa bisaya nga talo-talo. hehehe. But you know what? i better off sa talo-talo than intregahan ka sa mga tong-tong pakitong kitong.

      Aha! I think the you are “Validated” is the anti-thesis sa tong-tong pakitong-kitong, anti-thesis sya sa mga ALIMANGO!

      Of course Bayanihan Spirit is considered as the anti-thesis too.


      thank you igsoong diary of Me!

  2. dencios said

    alam mo ser darbs bilib ako sayo! tasteful ang mga gusto mong i-imply lagi. 🙂 kung anu pa man ay happy fathers day sa lahat ng mga ama sa mundo! 🙂

    • darbs said

      ehem. THANK YOU! Happy Father’s Day.

      Do we include clerics who called themselves fathers? Like my Father Damaso de Ispirilitsugas? or Father Damaso de Toyaboy Wa Kapangukoy.

      Hey, Good Fathers to his flock! My inspirations as to this day.

      Salamat po, kagalang galang na Dencios.

      Bow din po sa iyo. Geneflect pa, why not. nagawa ko ngang mag genuflect.. again.. and again… and again doon sa mga anitos at anitas.

      why not. praktisado na po tayo dyan so don’t worry.

      kung ma offend man ang mga taong mag bow lang daw sa mga Mahal na Araw AT MANGHUGAS LANG NG PAA sa mahal na araw… or worst bawal mag bow sa mga mortal… by the way PROBLEMA NA NILA YUN.

      They have the right to be offended but I have the right to practice what I believe. Right or Wrong?

      Me? It feels right!

      I feel comfortable doing it in my own special way. What can you do?

      Bowing is already practiced by the Japanese.


      • dencios said

        LOL @ Father Damaso de Toyaboy Wa Kapangukoy! haha

        honga problema na naila yun. hehe.

        ako basta sabi mo, OK sa akin!

        lunch time, kaen tayo 😀

        • darbs said

          @Dencios Si Padre Damaso D.T. Wa Kapangukoy is the reason why the exodians website was created. There is another one the former Padre Damaso Ispirilitsugas. Mas big time si Padre Damaso de Ispirilitsugas dahil naging Obispo baka maging cardinal pa. sya nawa.

          Lunch is mine.

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