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American Politics: Drama of one Mark the governor

Posted by darbs on June 25, 2009

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Ethics and Morality: Trouble in HEAVEN on Earth – – made in U.S. A, buzz of the day…

South Carolina in our minds: His name is Mark Sanford. He is a Republican governor of  Columbia, South Carolina.

Delicadesa: He admits to have an extramarital affair to an Argentinian babe in front of the AMERICAN PUBLIC.

Wife’s reaction: You are forgiven dearie husbandry,  as long as you will change your ways and means.

You were not the Governor in  New Jersey who said:

“I am an American Gay, I had an affair with my homeland security who tried to blackmail me… I will resign.”

May DELIKADESA ang Amerikanong politisyan.

Few months later, New York governor resigned after he admitted to have an extramarital affair,  CALL GIRL naman ang sa kanya.

Latest, Governor Hall of SHAME!

confession of his extra-marital affair and resigned as the governor bossing

Screenshot: newyork times today's headline

Read the rest of the article here.

New York Times a daily newspaper ay ang New York City white collar newspaper of choice.

Ang Katedral Ng New York Times sa Lupang Big Apol


So kung naka kurbata ka at may dala dalang attache case, naka trench coat na kahit umuulan di nababasa, most likely is holding a New York Times Newspaper.

Ah! business edition with all those Stocks… Dow Jones! The Market…

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