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Virginia is for everyone: Barrio Shenandoah

Posted by darbs on July 4, 2009

Somewhere in Barrio Luray Shenandoah, Virginia U.S.A.

the country road

the country road

Travel in the countryside of Virginia, the continuation from this blog entry.

Somewhere in Shenandoah, Virginia

Scene somewhere Shenandoah, Virginia

Virginia – the birthplace of America, is steeped in tradition and American heritage.

the heavenly pilings, nothing more than pilings

the heavenly pilings, nothing more than pilings

State Bird: Cardinal

State Flower: Dogwood

Baryo Luray Main Attraction: Luray, Shenandoah Virginia main attraction  ay walang iba kundi si Luray Caverns.

Number one on the list:
Entrance ni Luray Caverns

Center of Attraction: Luray Caverns

First instruction yong mapakinggan, over and over again…

Luray Caverns Tour takes one hour. Tours depart from the Main Lobby every five to twenty minutes. The temperature is a constant 54 degrees F.

Inside sa bangag ni Luray Caverns
Inside sa bangag ni Luray Caverns

The exit

The exit

Once outside…

Here comes…

Number 12: Garden Maze

Maze: A training ground the continental urban guerilla special forces

Mission: Occupy the center

Do the dramatic entrance for photo ops purposes…

kodak-kodak ops: sitting exercise position
kodak-kodak ops: sitting exercise position

The ritual before the operation mock battle occupation

Learn the art of meditation, it helps.
Learn the art of meditation, it helps.

The goal achieved

stamped your ticket once goal achieved

stamped your ticket once the goal is achieved

General George Washington’s scout rangers in a mock battle ambush position at the main entrance of the retreating British Army general.


Patriots manning the water


(Radio: Communication)

Patriot 1. Hahaha – the Mother of Presidents, and American heritage: Virhinya!


The English colonies, this is where it all started, in 1606

the silence

Silent moment... the breathing exercise...

The music by the Fish,

Bay Darbs…The Virgina Company…

Mabuhay ang independensya iglesya, este Pilipinista, este

Remembering someone

Remembering someone

Happy Independence day, AMERICA!

Flowers for you…

flowers for the occasion

flowers for the occasion


5 Responses to “Virginia is for everyone: Barrio Shenandoah”

  1. roni said

    kakatuwa post mo dong, gi-atay, kalagu neng hagila! nature are dominant among your shots.

    • darbs said

      Salamat naman Ronskie at nakapag bigay ng smile ang post na iri. Gi-atay giong dako kay mogara na giod ang gi-atoy.

      Nature ang dominant, interesting observation. Thank you for pointing this out. Salamat sa dalaw.

  2. Miel said

    uban ko beh hehehe

  3. darbs said

    Hiatus blues ni Reesie.

    The 2009 Las Vega Vegas Experience.
    Immortal song: We are the Champions by Queens.

    Youtube video credit: The barrio siete plegiaRice experience

    @Reesie, gipukaw nimo ang istorya ni “The Legend of Zelda”.. not sure kung unsa ni sila nga generation sa kabataan.

    The Legend of Zelda: We are the champions


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