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Virhinya kodakan: Ang Luray Caverns con’t 1

Posted by darbs on July 17, 2009

Picture taking from New York to Virginia:
Ang kodakan blues…
Camera Action: cross!

camera-in-caseFrom New York City’s streets
I was at the right moment… the red light

At the right time… while crossing the street
With that camera…
Auto Adjustment: flash off
Distance: 3 feet away from the subject

take 100,  with the same camera
take 100, with the same camera
Image: camera's auto adjustment

Image: camera's auto adjustment

If you plant you grow

If you plant you grow

Luray Caverns: auto adjustment with flash on

Luray Caverns: auto adjustment with flash on

Luray Caverns' Cathedral

Luray Caverns' Cathedral

Working men and women

Working men and women in the area

getting lost is easy
getting lost is easy
"Enter the dragon?"
“Enter the dragon?”
finding 4 goals
finding 4 goals
the blue shenandoah mountain
the blue shenandoah mountain and the parking space in the area.
Bless this Garden

Bless this Garden

Luray Caverns' wider angle

Luray Caverns' wider angle

4 Responses to “Virhinya kodakan: Ang Luray Caverns con’t 1”

  1. dFish said

    If the Devil Wears Prada, the Caveman Wears a Headset hehehe…

    • darbs said

      Ang caveman gamit giod tuod ang headset aron madungog ang information/translation/instruction/.

      With that headset, dako ang ilang na save sa pagbayad sa mga tour guides nga kaniadot mao ang nag-explain sa mga curvings nga makita didto sa sulod sa binday ni Luray Caverns.

  2. vanvan said



    • darbs said

      Vanvan! yes, indeed. Dili na sya “If” a picture paints but “A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS”, GIOD SA? Salamat sa imong observation. Daghan pud baya kong nakita nga naimprenta sa mga hulagway. Ay, Vanvan, welcome back diay!

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